Developing Social Skills for Life

What's in this issue? 

 One of the most common misconceptions for people on the autism spectrum is they are anti-social and do not want to make friends. Nothing is further from the truth. Most often, individuals with autism do want to interact but feel overwhelmed when it comes to new people and environments. And too often, they are not given the tools to develop the communication and social skills they desire.

Featured in this issue:

  • Ways to Calm or Alert the Sensory System When a Child Has Autism
  • ASL Offers New Opportunities for Communicating With Autism
  • How Can Sensory Deficits Impact Communication With ASD? 
  • Special Needs: Grandparents Can Be in Your Corner
  • Beaches Turks & Caicos: Paradise for Special Needs Families
  • A Voice With No Words: Ways to Get Started With PECS
  • The Value of Nurturing Your Special Needs Child's Hidden Talent
  • You Are an Important Part of the Solution in the Autism Diagnosis
  • Ways Cats Can Help Children With ASD Become More Social
  • How to Create the Dream Team for Your Autistic Child
  • Life in My Son’s World of Autism
  • Regression in Autism—Not Just For Toddlers
  • The Amazing Ways Equine Therapy Can Change a Child's Life
  • Preparing for the Social Transition to Adulthood With Special Needs
  • A Look at My Autistic Brother’s New World: Life Without Mam
  • Planning the Best Playdate for Your Child With Autism
  • Amazing Ways Surfing Changes the Lives of Children With Autism
  • Can Neurofeedback Help People With Autism With Processing Issues?
  • The Social Life or Lack Thereof With Autism
  • Poetry Corner : Differences
  • Poetry Corner: Love Needs No Word
  • Poetry Corner: Don't Give Up On Me
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Rayni Anderson Brindley
  • Autism Warrior: Multi-Talented Man with Autism Spreads Hope and Awareness
  • A Conversation With the Next Special Needs Caregiver