Issue 9 – Emotional Journey of Parenting a Special Child


  • The Thin-Red Line by Kim McCafferty
  • Autism & Wandering: 20 Ways To Help Ensure The Safety Of Our Autistic Loved Ones by Brenda Kosky Deskin
  • The Magic Number by S.R. Salas
  • 3 Ways 3 Says by Laurie Jacobs
  • Autism in the News  by Amy Greenberg
  • A review of the go go blanket by Leslie Burby
  • The Parental Hero Journey by Natalia Erenah
  • Book in the Spotlight: Black and White: A Colorful Look at the Spectrum by S.R. Salas
  • Q&A Section by Quinton Williams
  • Sensory Corner by Leslie A. Burby
  • Seek-N-Find by McNall Mason
  • Executive Functioning by Dr. Michael McManmon


Editor’s Letter

Dear Readers,

August is here and I enjoy nothing more than reading on the beach every August. This August is no different since I have been busy reading John Elder Robison’s new book, Raising Cubby to write a review that will be featured in an upcoming issue.  Why do I share this with you? I always find it helpful to read books written by adults that have autism to have an inside look as to what they are thinking.  This month I am happy to be featuring the book Black and White: A colorful look at the Spectrum by Renee Salas for that same reason.  Renee was kind enough to give us an excerpt from her book to give our readers a sneak peek of her memoir.  Renee brings a unique perspective

So this month we are featuring stories about the emotional journey of parenthood. The journey of parenthood is already an emotional one for any parent but even more so when having a child on the spectrum because then you become not just parent but an advocate, too. I hope that these honest stories from parents like you comfort you in knowing that you aren’t alone and together we can make a difference for our kids. I know that every parent handles their child’s diagnosis and behavioral differences in your own way, which is why I tried to offer a variety of perspectives on the issue. I have found that parent’s emotions range as wide as the spectrum does. Some parents find relief in finally having a name to behaviors that they have noticed for years where as others are devastated.  Even if the diagnosis was easy for you to swallow, you must admit that there are some days that are more emotional than others. Whether it be celebrating the making of their first friend, actually eating a meal that you made, or something alarming like when a child wanders off.

Unfortunately, wandering has been and still is a major concern for us parents. It has been in the news an awful lot lately so we are fortunate enough to feature an excellent article from Brenda Kosky Deskin of Autism Beacon listing over 20 ways to help keep your child safe. I was pleasantly surprised to learn some new things myself.

In conclusion, as you read these and other great articles, you will notice that Autism Parenting Magazine now has advertisements. While we try our best to bring you products and services that can be helpful, we do acknowledge that not everyone is the same.  So what works for one may not be best for another. We try our best to bring a variety of information to our readers so YOU can make the most informed choice for you and your children.

Leslie A. Burby

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Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby is a former Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine and a public speaker on autism related issues. She is the author of three autism related books: Emotional Mastery for Adult's with Autism (2013); Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers, Infants and Babies (2014); and the children's book Grace Figures Out School (2014).

  • Avatar Jan Kottka says:

    I would like to know how to get the hard copy of this magazine sent to my house..that way I can refer back to articles as they come up easier…Thanks, Jan…P. S. LOVE the work you’re doing

  • Avatar Maureen Macdonald says:

    I’m also requesting that you think about offering hard copies of this magazine.
    I don’t do electronics on the beach and a lot of us parents with autistic kids are approaching 40 or are already there and the nook, iPhone, Eric reading can be tough on the eyes.
    Thanks for your consideration.

  • Avatar admin says:

    Unfortunately a lot of hard cover magazines are going out of business due to the production and logistics costs and reducing demand. We try to keep the magazine cost effective through digital distribution. I know its not the same, but there is nothing to stop you from buying the pdf version and printing it out so you can read at the beach

    I hope that answers your query

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