Building ASD Awareness and Communication

What's in this issue?

Takiwātanga—what a brilliant new word. It is the Māori term for autism, which, when translated, means, "In his or her own time and space." It was coined by Keri Opai, a New Zealand government official in search of positive, non-judgmental vocabulary to replace English words when talking about mental health, disability, and addiction. This single word envelops all that we commemorate during World Autism Awareness Month: knowledge, understanding, and acceptance.

Do you receive the support you need as a special needs parent? Do you worry about your child's actions and safety when communication and social skills are challenges? Well, you are not alone as you seek advice and therapies that will work well for your child and family. Take a peek at this month's issue, and you'll find the excellent strategies and solutions you need for daily life.

Featured in this issue:

  • Welcome to The Special Needs Parent Club
  • Could My Child With Autism Be Arrested? What Parents Need to Know
  • Top Ways to Use Lego® Blocks for Purposeful Play With Autism
  • A Look at the Various Communication Disorders of Autism
  • Building Magical Connections Under the Sun
  • HELP: Why Does My Child With Autism Flap His Hands?
  • Better Understanding Hyperlexia and Comprehension in Autism
  • Harassment: Ways to Reduce Risk Situations for People With Autism
  • It's Time to Let My Amazing Teen with Autism Be Her Own Person
  • Quick Tips on Communications for Children With Autism and Special Needs
  • How to Help a Special Needs Child With Behavior Challenges
  • Heaven Must Be a Little Like My Dance Class
  • Ways You Can Help a Child With Autism Find His or Her Voice
  • The Autism Journey - Finding the Best Family Balance
  • The Therapeutic Connection With ASD – How to Know When It’s a Good Fit!
  • New In-Home Autism Program Strengthens Development
  • 6 Simple Tips For Helping Someone With Autism Get Into a Routine
  • How to Help Children With Autism Communicate and Study
  • Which Is Best for My Child - ABA Therapy in the Home or Clinical Setting?
  • Special Book Gives Autism Families Inspiration and Support
  • Autism Warrior: Siena Castellon
    Passionate Teen Helps Young People With Learning Differences
  • Remarkable Book Provides All You Need to Know About Interoception
  • Inspired Man With Autism Wants to Reshape Education For All
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Chip Wright
  • New Study Reveals Support Gap For People With Special Needs