What's in this issue?

The Journey To Good Health and Well-Being

It’s a new year! Let’s bid farewell to yesterday and welcome good health and well-being in the days ahead! Life with autism can have its highs and lows—that’s why it’s so important to seek guidance and a helping hand when needed. We hope being a part of our autism community will make a difference in your daily life.

Over the years, one of the most satisfying aspects of my role as editor-in-chief of Autism Parenting Magazine has been meeting the needs of our readers. Whether you are a newly diagnosed autism family or you have been on the journey for years, we strive to answer your toughest questions: Is it okay if my child with autism isn’t potty trained? Can a school legally use restraint and seclusion with an ASD child? Are there better educational choices for kids with special needs I don’t know about? How can I forge a healthy relationship with my teen? How can I better manage anxiety in my daily life? These are all important topics to tackle, and our team of experts has worked hard to provide top guidance.

Featured in this issue:

  • Three Amazing Ways Mindfulness Can Impact Special Needs Parenting
  • 2018 APM Awards: Celebrating Our Terrific Autism Community Today and Tomorrow
  • What Are Your Child's Rights When It Comes to the Use of Restraint?
  • Simple New App Manages the Care of Complex Disorders
  • What Role Can Faith Play in Your Autism Journey?
  • The Best Ways to Help People Autism Manage Anxiety
  • Ways the Forest School Approach Can Help Kids With Autism Grow
  • Top 10 Ways to Develop a Better Relationship With Your Aspie Teen
  • Poetry Corner: Every Day
  • How to Find the Right Social Skills Group for Your Child
  • How Netflix's Atypical Raises Awareness On The Different
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Belinda Lerner
  • Quick Tips for Potty Training Children With Autism and Special Needs
  • Meet Richie Smith - A Remarkable Man With Big Ambitions
  • Gender Identity: The Least of My Concerns
  • Ways You Can Help First Responders Better Understand Autism
  • When You Have Read One Story About Autism…
  • Leading ASD Resource Presents Expanded Therapy Techniques
  • Are Charter Schools A Good Option For Kids With Special Needs?
  • Uplifting New Book Encourages And Empowers Parents Of Children With Autism
  • Special Mom and Son Time: Talking Heroes and Muppets
  • Four Things Constantly in the Back of My Mind...and I Wish You’d Ask About Them
  • New Book Provides Emotional Pick Me Up for Special Needs Families
  • Reaching Special Needs Financial Goals In The New Year
  • Best Autism Apps For iPad, iPhone, And Android

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