Building Self-Esteem in Kids with Autism 

What's in this issue?

When a child has autism, parents spend a great deal of time assessing behaviors. They constantly monitor their child’s development, they research therapies, and seek professional advice. It seems like everyone forms an opinion about the child.

But what about the child—how does he/she feel about the diagnosis? Too often children with special needs develop senses of self from their surroundings and thereby judge themselves harshly. Many parents are struggling to create a healthy and encouraging environment for their child, they are not alone.

Featured in this issue:

  • Self-Esteem and Autism: Powerful Strategies You Need to Know
  • Simple Ways to Cut the Holiday Stress 
  • When Special Education Fails to Be Special
  • JP’s Law Passed To Protect All People With Special Needs
  • Plus many more articles...