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Issue 46 – The Time for Acceptance

August 3, 2021

Autism Parenting Magazine - Issue 46
Autism Parenting Magazine – Issue 46

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Autism Awareness – Easy Ways to Help Your Child Make a True Connection
Excellent advice for parents on how to include children in raising autism awareness through the forging of friendships in the community.
Lisa Timms

Why Autism Awareness? Because No One Gains from Silence
The mother of a young boy on the spectrum describes her journey from hiding her son’s autism from strangers to educating and spreading awareness.
Robyn Coupe

Simple Ways to Help Your Child with Autism Learn Flexible Thinking
An educator and author shares tips on how to help a child with autism handle emotions when things get too confusing or frustrating.
Kari Dunn Buron

New Research Reveals a Female Aspie’s Brain Anatomy is Special
Certified Autism Specialist and mom to a teen with Asperger’s shares the latest research. Includes a teen’s perspective as her daughter shares the challenges she has faced.
Stephanie C. Holmes, M.A., with Sydney Holmes

Amazing Mom Creates Ways to Support ASD Families in Need of Advice
The mother of a young girl with autism shares her family’s experience and introduces readers to a daily resource called 30 Days of Coping Skills for Families Living with Autism in celebration of National Autism Awareness Month.
Wendy Woerner

Simple Ways Sensory Based Intervention Can Change Your Child’s Life
Learn terrific ways to embed sensory activities into everyday habits and routines.
Oren Steinberg and Amy Owens, OTR

If You Want More for Your Child – Fight for a Strong IEP
A former special education teacher and mother of two boys with autism explains the need for parents to play a vital part in their child’s education team.
Angela Conrad

Great Ways To Increase Your Child’s Success In The Classroom
A Board Certified Behavior Analyst shares excellent ways to increase and decrease stimulation in the classroom as needed.
Holly Moses, MS, BCBA, LPA, LPC

Special Young Boy with Autism Attends Esteemed Oxford University
Meet 10-year-old child prodigy Joshua Beckford with autism and learn about his challenges, his intellectual achievements as well as his commitment to autism awareness.
Knox Daniel

Ways You Can Use Simple Meditation as a Powerful Tool with ASD
An occupational therapist and author explains the health benefits of incorporating meditation.
Lauren Brukner, MS, OTR/L 

Universal Language of Mind – Revealing a Voice for Autism
A retired special education teacher and Dream Interpretation Coach shares her unique and positive experience working with an autistic child with significant behavior, sensory and communication needs.
Debbie Hudson

10 Easy Ways to Increase Communication for Children with ASD
The founder and director of A Child’s Potential shares a list of strategies which may help your child with autism communicate.
Gabi Morgan, MS

A Shout Out to the Swim Teacher Who Changed My Son’s Life
A mom shares the story of an young man who made an enormous difference in her child’s life by teaching him to swim.
Nina Jain

New Equine Simulator Therapy Provides a Unique Sense of Calm
Learn about how two retired women developed a seat designed to replicate the slow walking gait of a horse to promote relaxation for people with autism.
Will Turbow

Simple Things I Wish I’d Known When My Boy was First Diagnosed with ASD
A loving mom of a boy with autism shares the 10 things she wishes she had known when her son was first diagnosed with autism more than a decade ago.
Kim McCafferty

A Look at Two Inspirational Books You Need to Read
Two poignant books that have hit the market — one an inspirational children’s story surrounding a young girl who learns to better understand why life can be challenging for a sibling with autism and the other an honest account of the challenges of raising a child with special needs.

Special Kitty Encourages Young Girl with Autism to Interact
Meet Thula, the remarkable Maine Coon cat who has captured the hearts of millions of YouTube viewers with her delightful friendship with a six-year-old girl with autism named Iris Grace Halmshaw.
Amy KD Tobik

A Wish for ASD Recognition and Acceptance in this Unique World
A mother of four, two children on the spectrum, describes some of her frustrations felt during autism awareness campaigns.
Marisa Ulrich

Hot Off the Press!  See How Clothing Line Designed by Kids with Autism Provides Opportunity
Learn about Autism Authentics, a fashion apparel brand designed exclusively by children with autism Spectrum Disorder.

HELP: My Child With Autism Needs Useful Self-Care Advice
Easy tips on how to help a child who struggles with using the bathroom and brushing teeth – includes great visuals.
Angelina M, MS, BCBA, MFTI

Free Weekly Webinar Series Dedicated to Aspies
View four free Asperger-centered webinars that cover marriage and intimacy, medication, Aspie Girls as well as information on IEPs, 504 Plans, and Advocacy Tips for Parents.
Southeast Psych

Who Should be the Trustee of our Special Needs Trust?
Terrific professional advice on how to select a Trustee for a Special Needs Trust.
Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

How to Make a Delicious Yet Healthy Mint Chip Smoothie
Learn how you can make a cool and minty treat using healthy ingredients like bananas and spinach.
Autism Food Club

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Dear Readers,

noun  spring·time  \ˈspriŋ-ˌtīm\
Definition according to Merriam-Webster:
1:  the season of spring
2:  youth
3:  an early or flourishing stage of development

The word ‘springtime’ invokes so many positive and symbolic images — it’s a time when the earth reawakens from the perils of winter and bursts with new life.  It’s a season for rejuvenation — a time for transformation filled with optimism, innovative projects and renewed dreams.

What better time than April to promote autism awareness?  It’s inspirational to think of the number of families celebrating National Autism Awareness Month together as well as the upcoming eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day to be held April 2nd.

Springtime can be also defined as a flourishing stage of development, much like the countless fundraising and awareness-raising events planned around the world. It’s exciting to see all the options available to families, from fundraising walks and festivals to sensory friendly movies and theater productions.  With tens of millions of people diagnosed with autism worldwide, the need for autism acceptance, inclusion and appreciation is so crucial.

Perhaps one of the most important outcomes of all these amazing autism awareness events is the opportunity for autism acceptance.  As they say, knowledge is power, and the more people who are aware in our communities of autism, the more likely people on the spectrum will be able to thrive.

In an effort to find new ways to celebrate, we reached out to social skills advisor Lisa Timms who has provided us with excellent advice on how to include children in raising autism awareness.  Take a look at her piece, Autism Awareness – Easy Ways to Help Your Child Make a True Connection, where you will learn about her latest idea: an Autism Friendship Day.  We know forging friendships in the community is so important —imagine the possibilities!

We are also happy to connect with blogger and mom Wendy Woerner who has partnered with fellow autism parents for the month of April to provide a daily resource for families.  Learn how you can easily access the daily words of encouragement in Wendy’s piece called Amazing Mom Creates Ways to Support ASD Families in Need of Advice.

We invite you to also take a look at a very special piece called Why Autism Awareness? Because No One Gains from Silence written by Robyn Coupe. This mom to three children lovingly shares her journey from hiding her son’s autism from strangers to recognizing the long term benefits of educating and spreading awareness.

One of our many objectives here at Autism Parenting Magazine is to continually provide expert advice from our team of respected professionals on autism and offer solutions for families.  Our aim is to focus on the latest developments, treatments and news stories.

This month, we are happy to highlight excellent ways to make a difference in your child’s educational experience.  In the article Great Ways to Increase Your Child’s Success in the Classroom, Board Certified Behavior Analyst Holly Moses shares outstanding ways to increase and decrease stimulation in the classroom. Holly’s ideas are sure to change the way you look at your child’s sensory needs.

Another vital component to the educational experience is the development of a comprehensive Individualized Education Program (IEP) designed to meet a child’s individual needs.  If you are interested in developing a stronger IEP for your child, be sure to read former special education teacher Angela Conrad’s piece called If You Want More for Your Child – Fight for a Strong IEP as she explains the need for parents to play a vital part in their child’s education team.

Another important aspect of learning is embedding sensory activities into everyday life.  Take a look at Simple Ways Sensory Based Intervention Can Change Your Child’s Life written by professionals Oren Steinberg and Amy Owens as they explain excellent ways you can use daily routines to bring about change.

This issue is packed full of articles covering a multitude of subjects — from flexible thinking and meditation to teaching self care and communication strategies — there is something for everyone.

Wishing our readers a happy spring filled with acceptance, optimism and renewed dreams.

Kind regards,

Amy KD Tobik

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