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Issue 3 – A focus on the parents

August 3, 2021

Issue 3 – A focus on the Parents of Children with Autism as well as Parents that have Autism Themselves.


  • How you can help a special needs Parent by Rob Gorski
  • Q&A How to prepare yourself to parent when you have Autism by Leslie Burby
  • How One mother of three copes by Leigh Forbes
  • Tips for Parents on the Spectrum by Cynthia Kim
  • Why Asperger’s Syndrome won’t exist in May 2013 by Leslie Burby
  • Book in the Spotlight: Emotional Mastery For Adults With Aspergers by Leslie Burby
  • Food for though by Leslie Burby
  • In the news: Hope for bullied kids on the Autism Spectrum
  •  Funny Things your kids say and do
  • An interview with Dr. John Pagano on Qi Gong Sensory Therapy
  • Video Demonstration of Qi Gong Sensory Therapy in action


This month we are very excited to make parents the focus of our issue. All too often we get lost as caregivers spending all of our energy on our children. So this issue is all about the parents because we matter. Not just parents with autistic children but parents that are on the spectrum, too. We truly hope that this issue has something for everyone.

We are happy to feature many award winning bloggers in this month’s issue. The cover story is written by blogger Cynthia Kim in an effort to help other parents that are on the spectrum know that taking a break is ok and even provides a fantastic list of sensory calming ideas to help any frazzled parent. After, Kim’s article we are happy to share an article by blogger Rob Gorski that you will want to forward or print to all those friends and family members that have said to you, “I wish I could help but…” Rob so perfectly gives how to help suggestions while honestly describing how overwhelming it can be as caregivers. I hope this article sparks a “Pay It Forward” movement around the world, where people start reaching out and helping others without being prompted.

Also, in an effort to strive to provide a better magazine we have included some new sections in this month’s issue. We already have a news section, and a Q&A section in each issue. However, starting this month we will feature: a book section where one special needs book will be recommended a month; an interview section of someone that is helping the autism community; and a funny page filled with the funny things kids say because we all need to laugh. I have personally shared some of the funny things that my daughters have said in the past month and I hope that parents find the time to send in their funny moments to share with us. We all know that stress runs high in our tired lives and nothing helps relieve stress like a good laugh.
Since Easter is just around the corner, we thought we would mention where to get candy for kids on specialized diets.

I hope this issue is helpful for everyone and I look forward to reading your comments and answering your questions.


Leslie A. Burby
Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine

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