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Issue 23 – Preparing for Tomorrow

February 18, 2021

Issue 23 - Issue 23 - Preparing for Tomorrow

Dear Readers,

Dealing with day-to-day issues can be challenging for families, especially those of us with children with autism spectrum disorders. From the need to balance family commitments, doctor appointments and therapies to the emotional and financial stressors of everyday life, sometimes you don’t have the energy to think beyond the present.

This month, we are thrilled to offer you an array of articles, interviews and personal accounts that can guide you through today as well as help you prepare you and your child for tomorrow.

In this issue, we are happy to feature an excerpt from Caroline Lee’s book, Targeting Language Delays: IEP Goals & Activities for Students with Developmental Challenges.  A Speech-Language Pathologist, Caroline has provided us with 20 Color Activities to use when working with school-age students who have mild to severe delays in the cognitive and language areas with or without characteristics on the autism spectrum. This excerpt is valuable for both today and planting the seeds for tomorrow.

For those of you who were unable to attend the autism conference this summer, Jaclyn Hunt, a Certified Autism Specialist and Life Coach who specializes in the Autism and Special Needs Population, has provided us with vital information from some of the presentations she attended. Subjects include important topics such as: Transition, Adaptive Behavior, Employment, and Community Living, Contact with Police and Public Safety Professionals as well as Puberty, Dating and Healthy Sexuality.

In her article, The Importance of Preparing our Kids for the World, As It Is, Amelia Wingfield provides us with her personal insight on giving children the skills they need for the future. Amelia shares her personal journey with her stepson Timothy, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome. With great love and determination, she reveals how she and her husband helped give Timothy the skills he needed to modify his behaviors and prepare him for life.

Deb Marcello has provided us with an insightful article called Using Social Stories to Teach social skills, where she emphasizes the need to give children on the spectrum the skills needed to make necessary connections and friendships in the future. We all know how important it is to feel a part of a community.

In the spirit of the fall season, we also are happy to include Nick Malcuit’s personal piece called Football and the Game of Life where he shares how he was able to use his family’s keen interest in football to help his autistic stepsons learn to communicate, socialize and come together as a family. The memories they created will last a lifetime.

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Kind Regards,
Amy KD Tobik, Editor

Issue 23 Features

  • The Importance of Preparing Our Kids for the World, As it is by Amelia Wingfield
  • Football and the Game of Life by Nick Malcuit
  • Using social stories to Teach Social Skills by Deb Marcello
  • The Division of the Autism Community – Be the Change We Have Been Asking For by Rob Gorski
  • Highlights from the August Autism Conference by Jaclyn Hunt MA, CASs
  • Targeting Language Delays Using Color Activities by Caroline Lee
  • We Rock the Spectrum Kid’s Gym Interview Highlights by Transcription
  • Q and A: At What Age Should My Son Daughter Start to Talk? by Angelina
  • Chicken Salad with Thai Peanut and Sesame Sauce by Autism Food Club


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