Issue 2 – The effectiveness of visual schedules

In issue 2 we take a look at the effectiveness of visual schedules with pictures and how to create you own.


We also feature the following articles:

Training Public Professionals – Why should public professionals be knowledgeable about autism and How to get staff properly trained

Dealing with Sensory Issues in Public  – Solutions to try to eliminate or alleviate public meltdowns. Every parent with a child on the spectrum can vouch for me when I state, “going out in public is a challenge.”  Transitioning from the house to the car is your first challenge.  Then the challenge shifts to dealing with the sensory problems of the new place upon arrival.

Addressing Dressing – Ways to make getting dressed simpler for everyone. Any parent of child on the spectrum knows that getting dressed is a huge task.  I thought I’d share some useful tips and tools that I have learned along the way that has made dressing a little easier.  As with everything, try what you think is best for you and your child.

Knowing When to Intervene –  A parental guide on when to sit on the sidelines or intervene when dealing with your autistic child and social situations. It is very difficult trying to find an equitable balance of intervention when dealing with children making friends.  However, when you add to the mix – autism- you create an inequitable playing field.

How autism massage helped my daughter. An introduction into the revolutionary Qi Gong Massage practiced by Dr John Pagano

The Right for Autism Services for U.S. Military Families –  How Tricare insurance limited ABA therapy

How do I explain autism to my child?

CBBC Newsround program wins Emmy Kids award

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Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby is the former Editor-in-Chief of Autism Parenting Magazine and a public speaker on autism related issues. She is the author of three autism related books: Emotional Mastery for Adult's with Autism (2013); Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers, Infants and Babies (2014); and the children's book Grace Figures Out School (2014).