Creative Play And Activities

What's in this issue?

We begin the month of May when, in many areas, nature is in full bloom and bursting with vibrancy and life. Our children, too, are filled with an abundance of energy and creativity, especially after the cold or rainy months. As parents, we need to know how to channel and provide outlets for that. Our theme this month is “Creative Play and Activities,” and in this issue, we have a lot of great suggestions and information to help you and your child have fun in many ways. We have included articles on sports, playing instruments and the benefit of music therapy, and creative art projects - various options for your family to enjoy your time together. Happy reading!

Featured in this issue:

  • Pre-School Methodologies, For the Child with Autism
  • Why These Games Are the Best for People With ADHD
  • How Music Therapy Can Help Your Child on the Spectrum
  • Panathlon: the ‘Perfect Match’ for Autistic Pupils
  • Introducing Eli to Becoming a Big Brother
  • Kids’ Rhythm Instruments: Benefits for Autistic Children
  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Summer Camp for Autism
  • Q&A: What Are the Benefits of Physical Therapy For Kids
  • What's New on the Bookshelf?
    Don't Look Away: My Life With Autism
    These Socks are Broken
  • Autism and Sport
  • Sensory Challenges in Early Childhood Likely to Result in Autism Diagnosis
  • Autism Warrior: Tiffany Hamilton
  • 5 Things Every Autism Parent Needs To Know
  • What is Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA)
  • Top Toys for Kids with Autism
  • Poetry Corner: For EK who I always heard
  • Autism Crafts: Ideas for Getting Creative with Your Child
  • Get Dressed 101 : Occupational Therapy Tips for Dressing
  • Increasing Joy at Home and School for the Autistic Child
  • Autism and Dance: Does Dancing Benefit Autistic Kids?
  • Creative Play for Fun and Learning
  • Tips to Maintain Financial Security