Homeschooling: Another Way For Those On The Spectrum 

Is homeschooling right for your child? 

Karen Kaplan 

Practical Advice For Homeschooling A Child With Autism  

Tips to help you get started homeschooling your autistic child. 

Donnesa McPherson AAS

How Do I Create An Autism Homeschool Schedule?

Find out how to create a homeschool schedule that works for you. 

Donnesa McPherson AAS

Autism Warrior: Jordan O’Kelley

Meet Jordan O’Kelley: neurodiverse advocate, author and future physicist.

Rachel Andersen

Which Pets Are Best For Children With Autism?

Discover the benefits of adding a furry friend to your family. 

Elizabeth Long 

Poetry Corner: A Parent Just Doing Her Best

A look at the dedicated parents of special needs children. 

Gary Shulman, MS, Ed

How To Get An Autism Diagnosis In The UK

Gain a better understanding of the process of seeking an autism diagnosis for yourself or your child. 

Dan Jones

Naturalistic Teaching

Explore this more natural approach to teaching. 

Erin Bergman, BA

Autism And Food Aversion In Kids: How To Help

Navigate picky-eating behaviors with greater ease. 

Emila Smith

Focusing On What Your Child ‘Can-Do’ Is The Magic Formula For Connection

Learn how to build your child’s confidence by focusing on what they can do.   

Joanne Jones

Chelation Therapy For Autism: Is It Worth The Risks?

A look at the benefits and dangers of chelation therapy for kids on the spectrum.  

Rachel Andersen

What To Look For In Those Diagnosed With ADHD With High IQ

An in-depth discussion on whether there’s a link between ADHD and High IQ.

Donnesa McPherson

Autism And Memory: What’s The Link?  

Find out why memory challenges are associated with some traits of ASD. 

Andréas RB Deolinda, BA, BSc

Expectation vs Reality

A mom of two autistic kids shares her experience of managing expectations.  

Rachel Hawkins BA

What is Discrete Trial Training?

Learn about DTT and how to use it with your child at home. 

Carol Tatum

MeRT Therapy For Autism: A Spectrum Family’s Journey

How MeRT Therapy helped a young autistic boy learn to talk.

Claire Delano, BA


Autism Flashcards: Aiding Learning And Communication

Learn how flashcards can be a great tool to help you child on the spectrum.

Yolande Loftus, BA, LLB

Great Ways To Help Your Child Decompress After School

Open-ended activities to help your kid relax after school. 

Isabell Fisher

Skills That Should Be Taught To ALL Children

Important skills to teach your child from a neurodiverse adult perspective. 

Leanne Strong

DSP Crisis And Its Impact On Planning

Plan ahead to ensure your loved one receives the support they need. 

Ryan Platt

Indoor Teaching Opportunities

Indoor activities for bad weather days

Karen Kaplan

What’s New On The Bookshelf?

From Emaciated to Emancipated. The Story of a Skinny MangoRev.

Ryan Althaus, MDiv, MBC

Dear Readers,

In many parts of the world, the month of March brings the first days of spring; a time of new beginnings and the hope and promise of the future. As we begin to see the first signs of emerging crocuses and tiny buds on each tree, and as we hear the trill of birds once again, we are reminded that every day is a new beginning and a new discovery set before us.

One new change here at Autism Parenting Magazine is the addition of Jayne Nankivell as our new managing editor. An award-winning editor and writer, Jayne has over 20 years of experience heading up magazines on behalf of top brands, such as Southern Sun Hotels and Diners Club International. She has also managed content for popular titles like Women & Home, as a freelancer. Welcome Jayne!

For parents, each day with their child is a beginning and a journey, but especially for the parent of a child with autism. This month’s theme deals with the topic of homeschooling, and as a parent trying to determine if this is the path to follow, it can be a difficult decision. Karen Kaplan has tackled this topic with her article, “Homeschooling: Another Way for Those on the Spectrum,” and Donnesa McPherson shares “Practical Advice for Homeschooling a Child with Autism.”

Whatever that decision might be, as parents, we have expectations for our children and the future, and sometimes we need to come to terms with what is the reality of the situation. In this issue, Rachel Hawkins, a mother of two children with autism, has written a personal narrative called “Expectation vs. Reality,” and many will find it helpful to see how she manages those expectations.

While our children learn and grow at home or in school, as parents and caregivers, we also seek knowledge and information about therapies or treatments that might be helpful or useful. Take a look at Carol Tatum’s article, “What is Discrete Trial Training?” and how this may be used at home, as well as Claire Delano’s article, “MeRT Therapy for Autism: A Spectrum Family’s Journey.”

Many people know about the therapeutic benefits of having a pet to hug, hold, and cuddle, and while adding a puppy or a hamster to the household might be a big undertaking, Elizabeth Long provides some advice and encouragement in her article, “Which Pets are Best for Children with Autism?

Finally, everyone needs some ways to relax after a long day at work or school, especially if that learning takes place in their home. You can find some helpful suggestions in “Great Ways to Help Your Child Decompress After a Long Day at School” by Isabell Fisher.

As you read through this issue, we hope you find new discoveries, as well as buds of information and hopes that blossom and help you and your families to emerge and grow.

Happy reading!

Mark Blakey
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