Puberty and Sex Education

What's in this issue?

Between homework, after-school activities, and therapies which have to be attended, teenagers have so much going on in their lives. Having to then deal with puberty and relationships can feel very overwhelming. Your child will experience both physical and emotional changes that won’t happen overnight, of course, but it might be time to start preparing yourself (and them) for what’s to come. In this issue, we deal with the topic of puberty, and we hope this is helpful in opening some discussion or relieving some of the cringing that often happens when having one of these talks. Enjoy the read!

Featured in this issue:

  • Me And My Tuba
  • Tips For Holidays
  • Four Ways To Help Your Neurodivergent Teen Prepare For High School
  • Poetry Corner: Why is Everything Too Much?
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
  • As My Son Giggled In His Dreams
  • Autism Warrior: Marcus Boyd
  • Benefits Of Sensory Games for Children With Autism
  • The Connection Between Physical Strength and Mental Wellness
  • Opinion: Is Systematic Racism Delaying Autism Diagnosis of African American Children?
  • Dream Big
  • Sexuality in Neurodivergent Individuals
  • Humps, Bumps and Undulations: Hurdles of parents with individuals who learn differently
  • A Haircut With A Difference
  • Puberty and the More Severely Challenged Teen on the Spectrum
  • HELP: My Nine-Year-Old is not Eating and is Angry
  • Insights into the Transition to Adult Services from Those who Have Done It
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? The Secret Mission
  • Is There a Link Between PCOS and Autism
  • Autism and Puberty
  • Autism Dating: An Honest Dating Guide for Autistic People
  • Alternative Sensory Therapies