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Dear Reader, I want you to cast your mind back, and try to remember the last time you or your child slept through a whole night uninterrupted…

Does a date or vague memory come to mind…? I’m going to be presumptuous here and say, for most parents reading this, the answer is no.

Frustrating, isn’t it? There are few things better than a good night’s rest after a busy day. Unfortunately, for parents and children with autism alike, this is a rare occurrence. It’s estimated up to 80% of autistic individuals have difficulty sleeping, and the reasons for this range from reduced melatonin, to anxiety, environmental factors, and more.

And what do you get with tired children? Tired parents, of course! Sleep is important for brain development, social skills, academic skills, and much more. It’s therefore vital not to ignore lack of sleep—for your child or for yourself.

I know the above sounds scary, but don’t fret—Autism Parenting Magazine is here to help! Our theme this month is ‘Sleep Solutions’ and the issue is full of content to help you uncover what’s behind your child’s sleep difficulties, and how to solve them.

An autism mom herself, sleep consultant Victoria Cooksley has penned Why Won’t My Child Sleep? Reasons and Solutions. She shares that 4pm-9pm in her own home used to be known as the “witching hours”! She remembers all too well the screams, cries, holding, and rocking that came with trying to settle her boy down for the evening. Now that Victoria is a trained sleep expert, her house is peaceful at night and she wants to help you achieve the same.

Meanwhile, sleep consultant Melissa Doman has written a Guide to Autism Sleep Aids. There are many options out there, from medication to more natural solutions such as implementing a new routine or creating a calming sensory space. The key message is that every child is unique: what works for one might not work for another.

On another note, we’re marking Bullying Prevention Month by featuring personal stories from autistic individuals who are bravely sharing their experiences. Through building awareness, perhaps together we can work towards bringing bullying of neurodivergent children to an end.

As I sign-off, I hope that, with the advice of our sleep experts in your family’s toolkit, you’ll find more Zzzzzzzzzs are on the way!

Sweet dreams.

Emily Ansell Elfer
Autism Parenting Magazine