Teaching Safety Skills to Students with Autism
A former police officer gives tips for keeping our children on the spectrum safe.
Lt. Joseph Pangaro BA, CPM, CSO

The First Bell: How to Handle Back to School Time
Back to school tips from a woman on the spectrum.
Leanne Strong

Toy and Game Ideas for Kids on the Spectrum
Find out how to use your child’s interests to match them with toys and games.
Karen Kaplan


Lessons in Leadership: My Child Taught Me the Power of Vulnerability 
A mom of a child on the spectrum shares her story of leadership at home and at work.
Holly May

Safety and Social Boundaries for Children with ASD
Discover safety tips from a psychologist’s point of view.
Karla Pretorius, M. Psych

Choosing Noise Canceling Headphones
Learn the benefits of noise canceling headphones, and where you can find some to meet your child’s needs.
Rachel Andersen

Is Your Autistic Child Hitting You? Ideas and Solutions
Find solutions to your autistic child’s hitting and aggression.
Carol Tatom, RBT

Learn how Mikey, a child on the spectrum, proved that miracles can happen.
Dr. Sima Gerber, PhD, CCC

Safety Tips from an Autistic Adult
Discover safety tips for people on the spectrum from a neurodivergent advocate. 
Angela Chapes

ABA & Verbal Behavior Therapy: How it Works
Find out what ABA and VB are, and what they can offer your child.
Angela West, MS, BCBA, LBA

Poetry Corner: My Miracle
Mary Parker

Building Confidence Through Goal-Setting
Change your results with a change in mindset, and meet goals you never thought possible.
Gunjan Pasari 

Autism and Law Enforcement: Greater Awareness and Training Needed
Words of wisdom from a law enforcement veteran. 
Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI 

Autism Warrior: Nicola Martin
Find out how Nicola Martin is brightening the world with her advocacy and stories.
Rachel Andersen

Autism Shutdown: Causes and How to Manage It 
Learn what shutdowns are, and how to manage them when they occur.
Claire Delano, BA

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Traveling Different
Dawn M. Barclay

What is Vocal Stimming?
Explore what vocal stimming is, and how to handle it.
Sharon Longo, BA

Decreasing Your Child’s Aggressive Behavior
Uncover solutions for your child’s aggressive behaviors.
Emily Ransom, MSE

ASD Marketplace: AutiSpark

What Happens to Autistic Adults When Their Parents Die?
Find out how to help your child be ready for the inevitable.
Claire Delano, BA

Any good parent should see safety as a key priority while raising their children. There are so many unknowns in this world, and understanding the potential dangers out there is vital for families as they plan ahead, teach, and help keep their loved-ones safe. For parents of children with autism, the topic of safety is perhaps even more important as many people on the spectrum struggle with social boundaries.

So, our magazine theme this month is ‘Safety and Social Boundaries’, to help all families prepare and be aware. Safety areas discussed in our pages include law enforcement, cell phones, the internet, personal boundaries, water safety, sexuality and navigating relationships, driving, and much more.

Our writer Lt. Joseph Pangaro offers some top tips for parents such as setting up meetings with their local police department so they can get to know their child and their child develops an understanding of the role of law enforcement. He also suggests families work with schools to ensure educators include kids on the spectrum in security drills and safety planning. Other writers who have penned interesting safety content include psychologist Karla Pretorius and autistic advocate Angela Chapes.

Personally, I believe one of the best things parents can do to keep their children - both autistic and non-autistic - safe, is talk regularly with them about relevant safety topics while thinking ahead, and building a foundation of safety for the future. For example, warning young kids about “stranger danger” in the present while also thinking ahead to a time when they might want to drive or date can help make decisions easier in the long run. A common theme weaving through all our safety content this month is that preparation and communication are key.

Other standout articles include The First Bell: How to Handle Back to School Time by autistic advocate Leanne Strong, Toy and Games Ideas for Kids on the Spectrum by autism expert Karen Kaplan, Is Your Autistic Child Hitting You? Ideas and Solutions by Registered Behavior Technician Carol Tatom, and so much more.

Enjoy the read.

Emily Ansell Elfer
Autism Parenting Magazine