Autism Strengths and Capabilities

What's in this issue?

When you have an autistic child, it’s easy to look at friends’ and family’s children and compare. You notice milestones your child is missing, or see it’s taking them longer to master certain skills. Often, your time is spent focusing on their challenges, arranging therapy sessions, and trying new learning approaches. How often do you stop to celebrate your child’s strengths and capabilities? With the stresses of everyday life as a special needs family, it might not be as often as you'd like. Always remember though, every individual, no matter how differently abled, has something special to offer this world. Our theme this month is Autism Strengths & Capabilities, with a range of content celebrating the differences of children on the spectrum. Enjoy the read.

Featured in this issue:

  • Five Strengths of Autistic individuals
  • I Have Autism? Why It’s Important for YOU to Tell Your Child They’re Autistic
  • Keeping Your Marriage Strong as You Parent Your Child with Autism
  • HELP: My Teenage Son Has Poor Eye Contact
  • Autism Strengths: Harnessing Your Child’s Abilities
  • Combating Autistic Discrimination in the Workplace
  • “Is It When They Have ‘Man’ Hands?” Asking For A Friend
  • An Educational Therapist’s Strategies for Teaching Children With Autism
  • Five Myths About Occupational Therapy
  • Beta Sushi
  • What is a Sensory Diet for Autism?
  • Traveling Different: Autism Travel Expert Offers Post-COVID Tips
  • Poetry Corner: Through the Eyes of a Little Boy
  • Eight Pillars of Holistic Health
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? DADDY(s) Cry Too
  • What is an Autistic Savant (or Savantism)?
  • Understanding Autism, and the Neurodiversity Movement
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Harold the Hip Hop Happy Hipposaurus
  • Autism Radio: Spreading Hope on the Airwaves
  • A Cup of Coffee With…Tina Bishai
  • Even When Grief is Brutal You Can Blossom
  • Autism Warrior: Martin Hunter
  • The Safety Net of Special Needs Planning