ADHD, Autism, or a Combination?
A psychologist and therapist overview the similarities and overlaps between ASD and ADHD.
Karla Pretorius, M. Psych and Nanette Botha, BEd

Selective Mutism and Autism
A special education expert offers his top 10 tips for parenting autistic children with selective mutism.
Dr. Ronald I. Malcolm, EdD

A Behaviorist Looks at Pica Treatment From Inside and Out
Insight into pica (a compulsive appetite for items that are not food) from a clinical psychologist.
Dr. Dean Alexander, PhD

Hannah and Me
A mom shares her inspirational journey, from receiving her daughter’s autism diagnosis to her attending university and hosting her own radio show.
Holly Dorff

OCD and Autism: Understanding Children’s Behavior in a Dual Diagnosis
Two special educators share how regulating anxiety in an autistic child with OCD often requires a different approach.
Sandy Turner BEd (Hons) NPQH and Danielle Donnelly BA (Hons)

How to Combat ADHD Fatigue
A pharmacist describes ADHD burnout and fatigue; offering actionable steps to help manage the challenges associated with the condition.
Dr. Tasnuva Sarwar Tunna, PhD

A fictional story shared by a mom about George, a little boy with autism spectrum disorder.
Alexandria Sapp

Relationship Between Autism and Schizophrenia
The controversial history linking autism and schizophrenia does little to answer parents’ concerns about co-occurrence in their children.
Yolande Loftus BA, LLB

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Kudzu’s Enormous New Life
Sidney Thompson

Macrocephaly: Unwrapping Autism and Head Size

Does large head size have any connection to autism, and is it a problem for children?
Claire Delano, BA

Tips to Manage Angry Behavior
An autistic advocate shares advice for controlling angry emotions and managing aggressive outbursts.
Angela Chapes

Opinion: Navigating the Challenges of Autism Support on Social Media
An autistic advocate’s advice for parents navigating the increasingly challenging realm of autism advocacy on social media.
Thomas A. McKean

Poetry Corner: Tired
Mary Kangas

Is Misophonia Common in Autism?
An overview of the sensory modulation disorder, misophonia, and tips for managing the condition in a child with autism.
Rachel Andersen

How ADHD May Affect Reading in Children

A pharmacist shares her ideas for improving reading and comprehension in children with a diagnosis of ADHD.
Dr. Tasnuva Sarwar Tunna, PhD

Are Hypermobility and Autism Related?
Autism and joint hypermobility disorders: what’s the link, and why are these conditions increasingly mentioned together?
Yolande Lofus, BA, LLB

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Strong and Courageous 
Stephanie Murphy

Madison Mad at Meals: Autism from a Sibling’s Perspective 

A mom reveals the challenges of parenting two teenage daughters—one on the spectrum and one neurotypical..
Julia Neily

Disorders Similar to Autism 
A look at some conditions which resemble autism and information to help parents discern between them.
Andréas RB Deolinda, BA, BSc

Cerebral Palsy and Autism Spectrum Disorder
When autism is found alongside cerebral palsy, diagnosis and treatment may be complicated.
Yolande Loftus, BA, LLB

Autism Warrior: Kevin Whelan
Meet Kevin Whelan, a husband, father, and musician who is celebrating his son with autism through music.
Rachel Andersen

ASD Marketplace: KiddieCube Therapeutic Play Subscription Box
KiddieCube offers play tools, materials and toys to enhance sensory processing, fine motor and regulation skills.

Dyslexia and Autism: Is there a Connection?
Both dyslexia and autism can manifest in language deficits...which begs the question of a possible connection between the two.
Yolande Loftus, BA, LLB

Communicating with Your Child
How and why each unique child on the spectrum might require a different communication strategy.
Dan Jones

Autism Housing Grants: Helping Your Child Live Independently
A look at what autism housing grants and programs are available, and how families can access support services for their loved-ones.
Rachel Andersen

Have you ever noticed some of your child’s supposed “autism traits” seem to resemble what others describe as “ADHD characteristics”? Perhaps your child is distracted, restless, has intense focus on particular subjects, or is regularly labeled as “hyper” by friends and family.

Research shows autism and ADHD diagnosis rates have rapidly increased since the 1980s, and many children with one of these conditions are showing signs of the other. Sometimes, children can be overlooked for a diagnosis of ADHD because they have already been diagnosed with autism (and vice versa).

This issue takes a look at some of the challenges faced by children with autism and ADHD, as well as offering tips and support for families. Standout content includes ADHD, Autism, or a Combination? by Karla Pretorius and Nanette Botha, and two articles from Dr. Tasnuva Tunna: How to Combat ADHD Fatigue and How ADHD May Affect Reading in Children.

There are also other conditions that are often present in autistic children. The most common being: epilepsy, sleep disturbances, gastrointestinal disorders, feeding/eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. So this issue takes a closer look at some of these, as well as less talked about disorders such as pica, OCD, and misophonia.

Remember though, just because there are many autism comorbidities, this doesn’t mean your child can’t have a diagnosis of ASD alone. On the other hand, Karla Pretorius shares some wise advice in her article: it’s important to ensure your child’s traits aren’t being labeled as “just autistic” when there could be something else at play.

Other helpful content in this issue includes: Selective Mutism and Autism by Dr. Ronald Malcolm, Tips to Manage Angry Behavior Towards Others or Yourself by autistic advocate Angela Chapes, and Navigating the Challenges of Autism Support on Social Media by renowned speaker/author Thomas A. McKean. Plus, we have our usual mix of heartwarming personal narratives, poems, and interviews to offer.

Enjoy the read.

Emily Ansell Elfer
Autism Parenting Magazine