Speech and Communication Skills

What's in this issue?

Hearing your child utter their first words is a magical experience for parents, but the experience can be quite different for parents of children on the autism spectrum. Autism might mean waiting longer for those precious words to be spoken. Or, if your child is nonverbal, you don’t know if those words will ever come, so you celebrate different (and equally special) milestones. In this issue, our theme is Speech and Communication Skills. We’ve packed our pages with tips, ideas, and techniques to help children of all abilities to thrive at their own level: whether it’s progression through language, or through a less traditional mode of communication.

Featured in this issue:

  • Autism Acceptance Month vs Autism Awareness Month
  • Autism and Language Development: Will My Child Ever Speak?
  • Kids Like Him
  • Why Behavior Charts Often Don’t Work: Are You Skipping Vital Steps?
  • Benefits of Early Intervention Speech Therapy
  • Waking Up with Autism on My Mind
  • What’s Your “Why” Behind Toilet Training Your Autistic Child?
  • In an Ordinary Room
  • Selective Mutism and Autism: Is My Child Mute or Autistic?
  • Developing the Literacy Skills of Autistic Children
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Autism 2 Awesome
  • 12 Tips for Communication with Those on the Spectrum
  • Increasing FUNctional Communication Easily
  • PECS Cards: Benefits for Children with Autism
  • How Special Apps Fill a Gap and How to Select One
  • Benefits of Sign Language for Autism
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Finding Your Lost Child
  • Autism Warrior: J.R. Reed: Laying the Groundwork for Those Who Come After Him
  • Autism Speech Patterns: Addressing Communication Differences
  • Poetry Corner: Words Unspoken
  • Pressured Speech and Autism: Is There a Connection?
  • How Can I Help My Child Who is Leaving School and Entering the Adult World?