Behavior Management Strategies

What's in this issue?

Behavior management is a vital component of parenting for every family. All children test our patience as they learn to grow and adapt in the world around them but, for many autistic children, behavior can be even more challenging and finding the right solutions isn’t easy. That’s why this issue focuses on Behavior Management Strategies and features articles by behavior technicians, educators, therapists, researchers, and fellow parents which unpack some of the most successful ideas. The key message is: behavior is communication—so the best way to help your child is to find out what they’re expressing. Dive in and enjoy the read!

Featured in this issue:

  • De-escalating Difficult Behaviors
  • How I Learned to Play with My Son
  • Benefits of a Positive Behavior Support Plan
  • Thinking Concretely Versus Abstractly
  • Risperidone for Children with Autism
  • Tips for Traveling with an Autistic Child
  • Aggression Treatment: Ideas to Consider
  • An AUTISM Interview with Heather Anderson
  • Benefits of a Reward System for Kids on the Spectrum
  • Finding Resources in Your Community
  • What is an Autism Behavior Technician?
  • Autism Toe Walking: Let’s Look at the Symptoms and Solutions
  • Autism Warrior: Disproving the Belief Autistic Learners Can’t Attend College
  • Formulating a Behavior Management Plan
  • Road to Nowhere?
  • Natural Reinforcement for Children with Autism
  • There’s No Bumper Sticker for That!
  • An Overview of the TEACCH Method
  • Verbal Behavior Therapy for Children with Autism
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Yogable: A Gentle Approach to Yoga for Special Populations
  • Incidental Teaching for Children with Autism
  • Poetry Corner: Before Your Eyes: Autism, Part Two
  • Understanding High Functioning Autism and Anger
  • When Should We Schedule a Family Meeting?