Surge In Cannabidiol For ASD Kids

What's in this issue?

It’s officially the holiday season! This magical time of year includes festive jingles, multi-course meals, and unforgettable memories shared between family and friends. But, for children with autism, the festivities can be sensory triggering and anxiety-provoking—no worries we got you covered with plenty of tips inside this issue! We’ve also published an exclusive news piece on the use of CBD for autism. Plus, we couldn’t end the year without celebrating the contributors that bring Autism Parenting Magazine to life, so this issue features our Contributor Awards. We hope the magazine offers you a one-stop guide to navigating the busy season and we look forward to continuing our work in the New Year.

Featured in this issue:

  • One In Five Autism Caregivers Give Their Child CBD Products
  • Managing Hearing and Listening Issues in Children with ASD
  • Technology at Your Fingertips: How to make an iPad More Accessible
  • Celebrating Christmas with Your Child with Autism
  • Medical Cannabis for ASD: Thoughts to Consider
  • An Organized Child In Therapy and at Home: Is it Possible?
  • Dear Special Needs Parent: You Are Seen!
  • Poetry Corner: Trapped Inside
  • Alone In a City of Eight Million: The Day I Took My Son on the New York Subway
  • The Arrogance Of Being Me
  • Sensory Holiday Hacks for the Most Stimulating Time of the Year
  • My Life as an Aspiesaurus
  • Autism Warrior: Sam Holness
  • IEP: It’s Just An Acronym!
  • Depression in People with ASD: Can Occupational Therapy Help?
  • Autism and College: How to Access Campus Disability Accommodations
  • Littlest Lady Alyssa is Spreading Kindness
  • Encouraging Your Special Needs Child into Varied Activities
  • Parenting on Opposite Ends of the Spectrum
  • ABA Therapy: Weighing Up the Pros and Cons
  • A Day at the Beach: Not Sharing is Caring
  • Poetry Corner: When He Outgrew Cute
  • How to Live a Joyful Life: Learnings from My Son
  • Creating Work-Life Balance as an Autism Parent
  • Finding a Transition Program that Nurtures Independence
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Autism and the Stress Effect
  • Why You Need to Know About Dopamine and Autism
  • How To Safely Give Your Child The Gift Of Failure
  • Q&A Help from an Expert…
  • What Happens When My Child is Legally an Adult?