Breaking the Autism Stigma: What Can We Do?
Learn about how stigma affects the autism community and what we can do to alleviate it.
Yolande Loftus, BA, LLB

How to Bring Out A Child's Strengths
Learn about nurturing your autistic child’s interests to discover their strengths.
Temple Grandin, PhD and Debra Moore, PhD

Three Hacks For Improving Communication With Autistic Children
Tips for how parents can improve communication with their children.
Daniel M. Jones

Autism Language: Person-First Or Identity-First?
When speaking about your child’s autism diagnosis, do you say “my autistic child” (identity-first) or d“my child with autism” (person-first)? Let’s have a look.
Yolande Loftus, BA, LLB

Teaching Mindfulness To Kids On the Spectrum
Here are some tips to encourage mindfulness in your autistic child.
Karla Pretorius, M. Psych

All I Wish I Could Have Verbalized To My Parents As A Child
An autistic young adult reminds parents to support and motivate their ASD children in celebration of the great gifts they possess.
Nera Birch

How To Calm Your Child's Fearful Lizard Brain
Some unique tips for tuning into your child’s brain to help alleviate anxiety.

Randi Rentz, MEd

Overcoming Cultural Barriers: How Asian-American Parents Can Become Effective Advocates
A critical look at how we can reconstruct cultural barriers that prevent Asian-American parents from accessing resources.
Ravi Chilakamarri, MA, CCC-SLP

Addressing Engagement And Motivation For Learners On the Spectrum
A look at ways to target the interests of autistic learners to improve classroom engagement.

Dr. Camille Brandt

Strategies To End Discrimination Against People With Autism
Addressing some of the causes of discrimination against autistic individuals and ways we can address this bias.
Dr. Foyasal Khan and Dr. Shemaila Saleem

Autism And Haircuts: Getting Your Child Safely Under the Blade
Tips from a hairstylist to make haircuts a less stressful experience for kids on the spectrum.
Missi Kennedy

You Don't Outgrow Being Autistic
A mother’s personal account of the beauty of raising an autistic son, regardless of the world’s perception of him.
Jacquelyn Binford

How Parents Can Navigate The Murky Post-Diagnosis World
A mother with a child on the spectrum shares advice to help parents cope after their child receives an autism diagnosis.
Suchi Deshpande, MS

Dynamic Intelligence: A Key Skill Set For ASD Kids
Discover how Relationship Development Intervention can harness your child’s dynamic intelligence.
Katrina Mallon, RDI, OTA, SLPA, PTA

Preschool: The Kid In the Corner

An allegory about how our perception of the behavior of autistic individuals is sometimes flawed.
Deborah Bracke, PhD

It's Okay To Be Different!
Take a walk in the steps of an autistic motivational speaker.
Jimmy Clare

Creating A More Positive Perception Of Autism
A look at how we need to be open to learn more and develop a better understanding about autism.
Gemma Winchester

My Son's Amazing Autism Qualities
A mom lists seven desirable characteristics her autistic son has that she wishes she had.

Tulika Prasad

What's New On the Bookshelf?: Expect A Miracle: Understanding And Living With Autism
This book chronicles the challenges and victories of a young man growing up on the spectrum.

Autism Warrior: Tyler McNamer
Meet autism advocate Tyler McNamer, CEO of AutismWorks.

Andréas RB Deolinda, BA, BSc

Accepting Our Reality
A mother’s honest account of coming to terms with her son’s recent autism diagnosis.
Jacquelyn Binford

What's New On the Bookshelf?: Wiggles, Stomps, And Squeezes Calm My Jitters Down
A picture book about sensory differences by a neurodivergent author and autistic illustrator.

Poetry Corner: Autism Is Awake
Mary Kangas

Preparing Your Child With Autism For A Hospital Stay
Here are tips from an educator on ways to prepare your child for a medical procedure.
Ron Malcolm, EdD

What's New On the Bookshelf?: Connecting And Communicating With Your Autistic Child
Simple, practical ideas for connecting and communicating with kids on the spectrum.

A Mom's Mission: Persuading Schools To Adapt For Additional Needs
One mother shares tips as well as insight into her own mission of convincing school districts to adapt.

Erica Posey, BA

Uniquely You: Financial Planning Expert Guide
Why finding the right financial guide to secure your family’s future is important.
Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

Dear Readers,

Over recent decades, awareness and understanding of autism have grown significantly. There is more support available and there are more opportunities for our children to thrive.

Unfortunately, though, there is still some way to go before autism is truly accepted. Resources continue to vary HUGELY depending on a person’s country of residence, their community, and their financial means. At Autism Parenting Magazine, we’re on a constant mission to help drive true autism acceptance, so our theme for this month’s issue is “Autism Advocacy”. 

Our writer Yolande Loftus has tackled a very important article: Autism Language: Person-first or Identity-first? This is a hot topic among the autism community! When speaking about your child’s autism diagnosis, do you say “my autistic child” (identity-first) or “my child with autism” (person-first)? Respectful terminology is something we’re all keen to get right and there are arguments to support both approaches. 

It is also important to discuss how stigma affects people on the spectrum and how we can all join together to alleviate it. Strategies to End Discrimination Against People With Autism, by Dr. Foyasal Khan and Dr. Shemaila Saleem, addresses causes of discrimination and ways we can cultivate a safer community.

We also have some really practical advice articles for you this month. Hairdresser Missi Kennedy has written Autism and Haircuts: Getting Your Child Safely Under the Blade, offering tips for how you can help your child with sensory needs be more settled for a haircut. Plus, have you heard of “lizard brain”? Randi Rentz offers some unique tips for tuning into your child’s limbic system (AKA lizard brain) to help alleviate their feelings of anxiety. 

Meanwhile, autistic YouTuber Daniel Jones shares Three Hacks For Improving Communication With Autistic Children, while Dr. Camille Brandt is Addressing Engagement and Motivation for Learners on the Spectrum—focusing on ways to target special interests for improving classroom engagement.

You might have heard “It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a child with autism to raise the consciousness of the village”—Coach Elaine Hall (Coach E). Together, let’s unite in autism advocacy and share the unique qualities of our children with the world. 

Enjoy the read.

Emily Ansell Elfer


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