Are Autistic Children at Higher Risk of Seizures?
An evidence-based discussion about the relationship between autism and epilepsy.
Emily Ansell Elfer, BA Hons, Dip

Empathy and Autism: Are Children on the Spectrum Able to Empathize?
Do people with autism lack empathy? Let’s unpack the facts from the fiction.
Mimi Nicklin

Epilepsy and Your Child With Autism
Raising a child with autism and epilepsy can be challenging; here are 10 tips to help you and your family.
Ron Malcolm, EdD

Why Processed Foods Might Be the Culprit Behind Your Child's Tantrums
Discover how consuming processed foods could result in tantrums and meltdowns.
Darolyn Lewis, NTP, CGP

Autism and Epilepsy: My Son’s Journey
A personal journey of a first time mom who discovered her son is not only autistic, but is also epileptic.
Emily Ransom, MSE

A Day in the Life of a Behavior Technician
Take a tour into the world of a behavior technician; while the job is emotionally taxing, it offers rewards that supersede its challenges.
Carol Tatom, RBT

What Multisensory Practices Can Mean for Reading
A look at how to introduce a multisensory approach for teaching your child on the spectrum.
Keena Melville, MS & Liz McDonough, MA, MFT/RDT

Turning an Impossible Situation into a Victory Dance
A story of how one mom learned to take note of the proverbial phrase: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”
Lisa Candera, JD

Inflexible? Or Prefers Order and Predictability? Let’s Take a Closer Look
A look at how acceptance and understanding can lead to an improved outlook for you and your child.
Karen Kaplan, MS

Why Early Autism Diagnosis is Essential
An autism mom shares the benefits of receiving her son’s autism diagnosis at an early age.
Kim McCafferty

Hiding in Plain Sight: My Autistic Daughter
The road towards receiving an autism diagnosis can be challenging, especially if its criteria lacks one particular feature: masking.
Sherri McDonald, MSN, MBA/MSL

An AUTISM Interview with Marcelle Ciampi
An interview with an autism advocate who shares her experience of life and motherhood.
Derrick Hayes

Impact of COVID-19 on Children’s Social and Emotional Skills
A look at how children’s social and emotional skills can be developed despite the impact of COVID-19.
Tania DaSilva

OK Google, Wheels on The Bus
An account of a mom with a non-verbal son who wants nothing more than to be heard—even by Google.
Tulika Prasad

Creating a ‘Perfect Environment’ at Home
How to create the best home environment for your family amidst the challenges of COVID-19.
Karla Pretorius, MA Psych

Meet Tal Anderson, Star of of Atypical
An interview with an autistic TV star. Every dream is worth living, no matter what challenges life presents.
Ron Sandison

Utilizing Video Self-Modeling Interventions at Home with a Tablet
Video self-modeling allows children to view themselves as authors of their own movie—here’s how you can use this tool.
Wendi L. Johnson, PhD & Hannah Hagler

Social Anxiety: Through the Eyes of an Autism Mom
The personal account of a mom whose daughter reverted to previous behaviors due to social anxiety. 
Kendra Pittman Smith

Four Low Maintenance Pets for Children with Autism
Choosing the right pet for your spectrum family can be challenging. Here are a few tips.
Johnathan David

Thinking Tools for our Senses
Our senses help us create meaning in our environment. Here’s how they can be used as a tool to maximize learning at home.
JC Ellinger, MBA

Nothing to Fix: a Day of Shame and Forgiveness
Follow the story of a typical day for an autism parent juggling motherhood with “being a human”.
Liz Kametz

How to Write Social Stories
Social stories are a great tool for teaching social behaviors. Here’s how to create captivating tales at home.
Frank Hamilton

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Quinten Visits the Beach
A picture book that teaches us children with autism can enjoy a day at the beach.
Nikki C.

Belonging Through Writing
A personal allegory that speaks volumes on the impact words have, even for people with no-voice.
Ishaan Holloway

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Alex and His Magical Colors
A heart-warming story about Alex and his magical gift to paint pictures with his twirling colors.
Dr. Joe Denham

My Dad and Me: 10 Life Lessons I Learned From My Father
Not all superheros wear capes! A young man with autism reflects on the lessons taught to him by his own personal hero - his late father.
James T. G. Link

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Val-Len-Mine: Autism RIP 
Join Jani as she takes you through a version of autism that you don’t see on TV.
Jani Sblendorio, M Ed, CAS 

Poetry Corner: I've Been There 
Mary Kangas

ASD Marketplace: Friendometry
A Friend Finding Service For Kids With Social Challenges 
Read about friendometry.com, where parents can go to find other parents who are seeking friends for their children that are in their geographical area.

Planning for Your Child’s Future Housing Options
If you’re looking to start a plan for your ASD child’s independent future, perhaps this advice can be a good starting place.
Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the March issue of Autism Parenting Magazine, which includes a special series of articles centered around the topic of epilepsy.

We’ve wanted to cover this topic for some time as we know many of our readers’ children suffer from seizures. We often receive emails asking for advice and support, with many parents asking the question: “Is my child’s epilepsy connected to his/her autism?”

We decided it was time to find out. So, our team of journalists and autism experts delved into the facts and figures and analyzed some of the latest research regarding autism spectrum disorder and epilepsy.

My article Are Autistic Children at Higher Risk of Seizures? is an evidence-based discussion about the relationship between autism and epilepsy according to research studies. It shows that, although exact figures vary from study to study, the potential for epilepsy in people with autism is high.

Meanwhile, Ron Malcolm, EdD’s article, Epilepsy and Your Child With Autism, rounds up 10 simple tips for effectively supporting your child with autism and their epilepsy. It also busts some common myths associated with the two conditions.

Our third epilepsy-themed piece comes from autism mom and special education expert, Emily Ransom. Autism and Epilepsy: My Son’s Journey offers a heartwarming personal account of her nonverbal son’s struggles with seizures—signs of which first surfaced when he was just seven months old.

In addition, this issue offers plenty more content covering a multitude of autism topics. We take a look at the relationship between autism and empathy, we discuss why processed foods could be the reason for your child’s tantrums, and we overview how multisensory practices could bolster your child’s reading comprehension.

A slightly different feature this month is Carol Tatom’s article, A Day in the Life of a Behavior Technician. Have you ever wondered what working life is like for your child’s behavior therapist? If so, here is your opportunity to “walk in Carol’s shoes” and see things from a completely different perspective.

On another note, I’m excited to announce the first Autism Parenting Summit, hosted by our magazine, will take place in April. The virtual event is packed full of sessions from expert speakers covering a wide range of autism topics to help our readers. Don’t forget to
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See you there!

Kind regards,
Emily Ansell Elfer
Autism Parenting Magazine