Reframing Education in the New Normal

What's in this issue?

It’s amazing to think that we’re already in the second month of 2021! Whilst in many ways it feels like a continuation of 2020, it is important to remain optimistic and adapt to our new normal—hence the theme of this month’s issue “Reframing Education in the New Normal”. This new norm has turned our homes into our place of work and school; and with it comes a lot of adjustments, particularly for families with children on the autism spectrum. In this issue, we’re covering topics such as the effectiveness of online therapy, and the role of grandparents diagnosing autism; plus, we share a police officer’s first encounter with a child on the spectrum. Sounds interesting? Why not take a look!

Featured in this issue:

  • Do Schools Have The Right Model For Autistic Kids?
  • Teaching Private Vs. Public Behaviors
  • Police Officers And Kids On The Spectrum
  • Shaping The Future: Grandparents Diagnosing Autism
  • Parent Skill Acquisition Through Video Modeling
  • Reporting Vs Tattling: Teaching Kids With Autism When To Tell A Trusted Adult
  • An Autism Interview With Ava Hart
  • Reframing Tips: Defiant Or Holding Strong Beliefs
  • Online Therapy: Does It Work And How?
  • Supporting Home Learning Through Movement
  • Empowering Pediatricians To Diagnose Autism
  • Sensory Needs And Sleep For Your Child With Autism
  • Q&A: Help
  • How My Autistic Son Transitioned To Independent Living
  • There Is No How-To Guide For Autism Education
  • Three Great Shows For Children With Autism And Their Parents
  • Navigating The Uncharted Waters Of Remote Learning
  • Poetry Corner: My World
  • How Counting To Twenty Can Help Your Child With Autism
  • Changing The Landscape Of Special Education Across The U.S.
  • Autistic Or Toxic? How I Unlocked The Mystery Of My Son’s “Autism”
  • Reflecting On The Struggle Of Virtual Schooling
  • Learning I Have Autism As An Adult With An Autistic Son
  • This Is Drew
  • Life With Maggie, Before College Algebra
  • How To Help Your Child With Autism Transition To Adulthood
  • The Letter Critters Talent Show
  • Digital Learning Survival Guide For Children With Autism
  • ASD Marketplace: The Scent Guru Group, LLC
  • How To Make Travel Fun For Your Child With Autism
  • Four Steps For Planning Your Autistic Child’s Financial Future