Transitioning to Adulthood

What's in this issue?

All children grow up – no matter what abilities or diagnosis they may have. We know this causes anxiety for autism parents and many worry about what the future will hold. While some ASD children become self-sufficient adults, others will always require a level of support, but there is hope for everyone. That’s why our December issue focuses on ‘Transitioning to Adulthood’.  Make sure you read on to learn about preparing your child for independent living and take a look at our regular mix of advice columns, too. Wishing our readers a very Happy Holidays.

Featured in this issue:

  • How Autism Looks Different in Girls
  • Kickstarting Sex Education for Children with Autism
  • Preparing Your ASD Child for Independent Living
  • How Autism Impacts Sibling Relationships
  • A Homegrown Superhero
  • Helping Family and Friends Accept Your Child’s Autism Diagnosis
  • Brewery Owner Helps Autistic Adults Build Careers
  • Therapeutic Ways to Use an iPad with Your Preschooler
  • Explaining Racism to Your Child with Autism
  • Anti-Bullying Strategies for Autism Families: Three Top Tips
  • Autism and Eating Disorders: What to Look Out For
  • An AUTISM Interview with Sabrina Thomas
  • How to Support Autistic College Students
  • Poetry Corner: The Holidays are Coming…
  • Should I Send My Child to a Special Education School?
  • Over the Rainbow: Getting Kids with Autism to Try Colorful Foods
  • Resolving Your Child’s Synesthetic Experiences
  • Does Cycling Help Children with Autism?
  • Can Broccoli Advance Autism Research?
  • Holiday Cheer: Tips for ASD families at this busy time of year!
  • Poetry Corner: Imagination
  • It May Get Better: One Autism Mom’s Journey
  • ASD Marketplace
  • Pop Band Formed by ASD Boy During Lockdown
  • Poetry Corner: Sleep
  • COVID-19: Funding Fragility of Disability Service Providers