Maintaining a Healthy Balance With ASD

What's in this issue?

Maintaining a healthy balance during these demanding times is tough.

 So many of us are in limbo waiting to hear when and if we can safely head back to work, school, and everyday activities. 

The coronavirus has impacted every aspect of life including the family dynamic. This month, we have tips on ways to transition back to learning, ways to navigate the world of medication, how to prepare your child for a fire emergency, the amazing benefits of vitamin A plus ways to secure your child’s financial future. Take a look—we have so much to offer!

Featured in this issue:

  • Making the Big Transition to Middle or High School
  • How to Effectively Teach Writing to Students with Autism
  • Rethinking School Transportation for Students with Autism
  • What is the Best Learning Experience for Students with Autism?
  • Using Lego Therapy to Teach Siblings to Get Along in Families Affected by Autism
  • Preparing Kids with Special Needs for the Return to School After COVID-19
  • Can Music Help a Child with Autism Cope When Stuck at Home?
  • The Surprising Ways Swimming Can Benefit Autistic Children
  • How to Prepare Your Child with Autism for a Fire Emergency
  • Navigating the World of Medication with ASD
  • Growing with Your Child Through Autism
  • The Amazing Benefits of Vitamin A for Autism and ADHD
  • Living with Acronyms
  • How Yoga Can Help Children with Autism Manage Anxiety
  • Staying Relentless: Basketball Star with Autism Advocates and Inspires
  • Poetry Corner: Mystery
  • Poetry Corner: Little Glimmers
  • The Whistle Never Blew: How COVID-19 has Affected Students with Autism
  • New CEO Promotes and Enables Competitive Employment for Autism
  • 8,760 Hours: Cherishing the Priceless Moments with Your Child with ASD
  • Understanding the Potential Health Conditions Associated with Autism
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM with Alicia Hardigree
  • How Naturalistic Interventions Can Help Your Child with Autism Learn New Skills
  • Special Needs Teachers are Angels
  • Securing the Future During Tough Financial Times for People with Special Needs