Supporting Emotional Needs

What's in this issue?

What a rocky few months it has been! The coronavirus pandemic evolved into more than we could have ever envisioned or planned for, especially for the autism community. Knowing the challenges, our team quickly responded by providing sought-after COVID-19 resources, including social stories and visual schedules, professional advice on developing long-term care plans for loved ones, and coping strategies for heightened anxieties. This month’s issue is filled with guidance on ways to manage daily life—now and in the future when families venture out into the world again.

We are committed to supporting you every step of the way!

Featured in this issue:

  • Reducing Anxiety While Homebound with Children with Autism
  • Behavioral Strategies to Help Make Your Next Sensory-Friendly Experience a Success
  • Why Girls on the Spectrum are Missed and Why It Matters
  • Autism Science Foundation President Shares the Best Ways to Manage COVID-19
  • Could My Child with Autism Benefit from a New Doctor?
  • Summer Skill-Building Tips for Autism Families
  • Rocker Dad Cooks Up Amazing New Recipe Book for Autism Awareness
  • Discovery of Neurodivergence: How the Job Market is Evolving
  • ASD Marketplace: Brave Knights Kit Gives Kids the Confidence They Need to Sleep Well
  • Supporting Parents: When What Works for Your Child Doesn’t Work for Theirs
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: A Tool for Children with ASD
  • How My Mother Transformed Me from an Autistic Child to an Autistic Dad
  • Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance
  • Teaching Social Skills and Navigating the Playground
  • Autism Warrior: Amazing Mom Writes, Creates, and Podcasts for Families Affected by Autism
  • 10 Ways to Help ASD Kids Combat Motion Sickness
  • Unexpected Birthday Gifts
  • Poetry Corner: His Happy Place
  • Poetry Corner: Side by Side
  • My Child with Autism Has No Friends. What Can a Parent Do to Help?
  • A Letter to the Caregiver Considering Residential Care for a Child with Autism
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM with Carol Basile, PhD
  • Autism and Wandering: How to Keep Our Loved Ones Safe
  • How to Start Preparing for Adulthood with an ASD Diagnosis at Any Age
  • How to Talk to Family About Long-Term Care for a Sibling with Special Needs