Dad Shares the Incredible Journey of His Son with Autism in New Book

Dad Shares the Incredible Journey of His Son with Autism in New BookThis book is ideal for parents that have already started therapy with their child for some time, however feel stuck in critical places.

Cracking Autism tells the story of Peter George’s son, who recovered from autism almost completely. And while his story is simple and straightforward, his journey was anything but simple and straightforward!

Parents and therapists reading this book can seek inspiration in order to find creative and down to earth solutions to overcome the obstacles in the path of their child’ progress.

Out of many challenges that his family managed to overcome, Peter George chose to focus in this book on the following themes:

  • How love can change everything, and how progress is connected to feeling and expressing unconditional love towards your child,
  • Dealing with resilient anxiety,
  • The importance of prioritizing communication and cognitive skills,
  • The fine print on eye contact,
  • How to approach feeding and toilet training when they’re tough to crack,
  • A few words on the causes of autism and the effects of smart devices,
  • And why working with healthy limits is so important – something that is often overlooked in many programs.

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This article was featured in Issue 104 –Transition Strategies For Kids With Autism


Peter George

Peter George is a simple parent of a wonderfully special child—a parent, like many others, with an unstoppable force to find solutions to his son’s challenges and help him progress to the best of his abilities, in a way that feels natural and respectful. He always treats his son like he’s capable of doing anything, and tries to help his son build a future where he will be happy to live in. Peter dedicates this book to all parents who go through a similar journey as he did, with the hope the fine print on his story will help them fill in the gaps in front of their child’s progress. For more information, visit Copyright: Peter George. Cover: