How to Get My Child to Listen – Parenting 101

In this episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show, Dr. G goes over great techniques parents can use to get their children to listen.

How to Get My Child to Listen - Parenting 101 how-to-get-my-child-listen-parenting-101
As parents, we are supposed to be in charge in a warm and healthy way. A great way to start is with the practice of catching our children making good decisions three times more often than we catch them making bad decisions. The best way we can teach our children that mom and dad are the boss is by being consistent while using low emotion – that means no nagging, no lecturing or yelling!

But what are the best techniques we can use when our children do make poor decisions? This episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show will help parents take control back from their children in a warm, authoritative way!


This article was featured in Issue 39 – Working Together to Communicate Better

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