Touching New Memoir Explores Life with High-Functioning Autism

Touching New Memoir Explores Life with High-functioning AutismAsperger’s on the Inside is an honest and moving memoir by Michelle Vines about life on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum.  In her book, Michelle takes the reader with her on her journey as she slowly comes to terms with and accepts her diagnosis.  She also explores her past and tells her story from childhood to coping with life in her thirties.

Her story is deeply personal and ideal for those with a loved one on the spectrum whom they wish to understand better.

“This book is a must read. I adore her style of writing and how open and honest she is with the audience. This book is very relatable and helps me understand my son so much more. Would recommend it to friends and family for sure!” (Amazon)

“Michelle Vines clearly sets forth how someone with Asperger’s, or high-functioning autism, operates in everyday life. I found her style of writing easy to follow and understand…. I have a much deeper comprehension of AS in general and so much empathy for Aspies and of their struggles now.” (Amazon)


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Michelle Vines

Michelle Vines was born in Liverpool, Australia and grew up in Melbourne.  In 2002, she graduated from The University of Melbourne with bachelor’s degrees in Chemical Engineering and Science before working in oil and gas and in plastics for several years.  She then retired to become a mother of two boys.  At age 30, Michelle moved with her family to Houston, Texas and was officially diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  Michelle found the diagnosis to be a huge relief and has since dedicated much of her time to helping others understand those on the autism spectrum. In 2014, she gave a public presentation on “Life as an Adult with Asperger’s Syndrome,” which has been viewed by tens of thousands of people on YouTube and has been instrumental in giving many others hope and the courage to seek out their own Asperger’s diagnosis.

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