We are giving away the gluten free blueprint to all subscribers.

One of the practical ways that we can help reduce the effects of autism is diet. We are very big on the effects of diet at Autism Parenting magazine as a way to help work with Autism. Recent studies have indicated marked improvements in behavior and symptoms for children that have used a Casein and Gluten-free diet.

Many people when they contemplate the idea of being gluten and casein free free freak out because they don’t know alternatives. In this ebook the Gluten free blueprint it gives practical tips about how you can change your diet to be wheat and casein free. It is available to all subscribers of the ipad version and anyone that is subscribed to the pdf version of the magazine.

The Gluten Free Blueprint – Find, practical ways to decrease the symptoms of autism

Gluten free blueprint, practical ways to decrease the symptoms of Autism

It covers topics such as:

  • Why is gluten bad for us?
  • How does gluten effect moods?
  • The relationship between gluten and depression
  • How do people with Autism get effected by gluten?
  • What grains can I eat?
  • Where can I get gluten free food?
  • How to be gluten free without spending a fortune?
  • Cooking alternatives in gluten free food
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner suggestions on the gluten free diet.
To get hold of the Gluten Free Blueprint just subscribe to either the  ipad or pdf version

Mark Blakey

Mark Blakey is the founder of both Autism Parenting Magazine and Asperger's Test Site. He has been writing articles about Asperger's in adults since 2010. Mark created the Asperger’s Test Site following his own diagnosis with Asperger’s. Moving away from a successful career in Information Technology, Mark had been inspired to change careers and work in the field of personal growth. Mark runs workshops to help groups of individuals work through emotional traumas and realize their potential as human beings. He has two books on amazon, guiding autistic adults through their journey from diagnosis to self acceptance. An introduction to Asperger’s Syndrome and Emotional Mastery for adults with Asperger’s.

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