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Bussing My Son To The World with Autism

Bussing My Son To The World with Autism

I thought they were kidding when they said my three-year-old son would be taking a school bus to his preschool.  Let me get this straight. My nonverbal, three-year-old son would be taking a bus? By himself? Without me? How is that even possible? Prior to learning he had autism, Lucas was already the baby of… Continue Reading

New System to Help Children with Autism Learn Better in a Classroom Setting

New System to Help Children with Autism Learn Better in a Classroom Setting

It’s common for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to experience sensory overload or adverse reactions to sensory input more often than their neurotypical classmates. Some children with ASD find processing stimuli, such as sights and sounds, difficult and exhibit hypersensitivity to being touched. Sensory overload can occur in the classroom when multiple stimuli occur simultaneously,… Continue Reading


I have this gorgeous nephew you should see his beautiful face And I watch him wonder back and forth seemingly lost within this place Although he speaks, it’s very rare and he often walks around The meltdown that he has sometimes sees him roll upon the ground His favorite thing is his trampoline he likes… Continue Reading

Autism Parenting Magazine becomes champion sponsors of American Autism Association

Two of the biggest forces in the autistic world who are committed to helping families at a grass-roots level have joined forces via a sponsorship programme that seeks to provide a full-service level of support to autistic families and individuals. Autism Parenting Magazine is pleased to announce our newest partnership with the American Autism Association. The… Continue Reading

We are giving away our November issue for the next few days

Just to let you know, we will be giving away our November issue of Autism Parenting Magazine on our iOS and Android platforms for the next 7 days. To get the issue, simply download the magazine app for iOS or Android: iOS     Android       The easiest way to do… Continue Reading

We Need Product Reviewers!

Does your ASD child have trouble falling asleep at night or have issues with anxiety? Does your family like to try out new products and/or treatments? We’re looking for a few families to participate in a product review for Autism Parenting Magazine. We have been introduced to an interactive, prescription Internet radio and would like… Continue Reading

Biological Markers of Autism at a Young Age

In this video, Kim Davies talks about her career and current position as the science coordinator for BASIS (British Autism Study of Infant Siblings). Their current aim is to look for early biological markers of autism through the use of various behavioral observations and neuropsychological studies conducted at the Birkbeck Babylab (University of Birkbeck, London).… Continue Reading