Funny things your kids say and do

Stress runs high in the lives of parents with special-needs children, which is why we thought that we wanted to include a page that brings a smile to our face. Our children sometimes say and do funny things so we are asking that if you have any funny stories to share about your parenting experiences. After all, can’t we all use a good laugh?

No we aren’t laughing “at them.” We are merely trying to focus on funny moments that lighten our hearts. You know- those little moments that when you look back, make you smile?
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Example One:
Anna: So mom, if we eat chickens, pigs and cows, do we eat the farmer, too?
Me: No dear. We don’t eat people. A farmer is a person.
Anna: Well, that’s good. Somebody has got to pluck those feathers and I am NOT doing it.
Me: {laughing so hard I can’t breathe}
– Anna age 4

Example Two:

The other day, my daughter came home from school upset that a teacher took away the paper plane that a friend had given her. After explaining to her why paper planes aren’t allowed at school, she asked me to help her make one. Since my husband was out of the state on business, I googled “How to make a paper airplane.” As I started to follow the You Tube video instructions, she became very angry with me because I was “doing it wrong.” Although she couldn’t remember every step, she did remember some of the steps and the particular way I was doing it was not the same way as her friend. She became very angry and said, “I am not following those erections!” Thankfully, she stormed out of the room before I burst out laughing. – Mary age 5


Please send your funny moments to [email protected]

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby

Leslie Burby is a former Editor of Autism Parenting Magazine and a public speaker on autism related issues. She is the author of three autism related books: Emotional Mastery for Adult's with Autism (2013); Early Signs of Autism in Toddlers, Infants and Babies (2014); and the children's book Grace Figures Out School (2014).

  • Avatar Katie says:

    It was dinner at Olive Garden the other night and the waiter asked if any of us would like fresh parmesan on our soup. When he got around to my son who was excitedly flapping his hands, the waiter mistook the gesture as one someone might make if they were requesting more of something. We finally stopped the waiter when the layer of cheese was more than a half inch tall. When the stimming didn’t stop with the cheese, the waiter finally caught on to what had happened. My little guy actually thought the whole situation was pretty funny and downed his Italian chili, cheese and all.

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