Exciting changes to Autism Parenting Magazine

We have made a few changes to the content and the format of our magazine that we are excited to tell you about.

Firstly, we have added a teen and adult section following feedback from some of our readers. A portion of all parents who have Autistic Children are on the Autism Spectrum themselves. Adults also want to have a section where they can tell their story and spouses also want to understand what its like for adults that are on the spectrum. We hope the section will also serve to help the transition between teen and adulthood as well as from child to teen. As we all know those can be some of the most challenging years particularly without the right support or guidance.

We are also including a Sensory Corner in each of our issues, because we believe Sensory Issues are a core part of living with Autism. Many meltdowns and behavioral issues can be resolved by understanding and learning to work with sensory issues. Its such a large subject that we have a lot to write about.

Social skill are another key part of the development of children with Autism, because of this we will include tips and articles on how to help develop these for children in every issue.

Each issue will now feature a seek and find puzzle. These addictive puzzles where you have to find objects lost in the maze are ideal for those moments when your kids get bored. They are kindly donated by Max from the Max and Me Studio.

We have now got a brilliant line of new writers all with something interesting to share with the Autism Community, so we are now offering more articles in each of our magazines.

All of this is designed to give our readers more value. We want to make the information in the magazine as affordable as possible, so we have also reduced the price of annual subscriptions to 50% off the single issue price.

We want to encourage people to subscribe to an annual subscription because it enables us to provide you with the best information for all seasons. Periodically, we will also be providing subscriber only issues which are only available to annual subscribers.

All of this delivered to your iPad or email inbox every month.

So what are you waiting for, go to the magazine on your ipad or go here to subscribe.



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Alyssa - June 27, 2013 Reply

I was wondering, since I am a young Autistic adult who does not yet have any kids (that’s probably 8-10 years off,) but have things that could be useful for parents to see- is there any opening for submission from Autistic adults who are not yet parents?

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