Dr. G Aspie Show – Practical Tips for Combating Sleep Problems with Asperger Kids

In this episode of the Dr. G Aspie Show, host Dr. Frank Gaskill interviews Southeast Psych’s Dr. Melissa Miller, a Sleep Specialist, about why Aspies might be prone to sleep problems. Together they discuss bedtime routines and anxieties and Miller provides some excellent nighttime tips that everyone can use to get some sleep.

This article was featured in Issue 34 – Autism Sleep, Bedtime and Hygiene Routines


Frank Gaskill

 Frank W. Gaskill is an American psychologist and author who specializes in Asperger syndrome, effective parenting, and how technology and children can interface safely and successfully. With David A. Verhaagen, Gaskill co-founded a private psychology practice in Charlotte, NC called Southeast Psychological Services. It later became known as Southeast Psych.Gaskill is the co-author, with Ryan Kelly of a graphic novel about Aspergers. In addition to having a comic based on Aspergers, he is also the host of an online video series dedicated to promoting the idea that Aspergers is a more highly evolved brain. This show is called, "The Dr. G Aspie Show."