Don’t Give Up On Me

Don't Give Up On Me

Don’t give up on me,

I’m right here.

I get upset

Because I can’t communicate clear,

I’m doing my best

I hope somebody can see

And notice more than

An autistic kid

When they look at me.

Everyone around me

Doesn’t always understand

That I can’t always control myself

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Not my voice or my feet or my hands.

So get some patience

Because I need you to.

I’m a kid with problems

And I really need you.

This article was featured in Issue 92 – Developing Social Skills for Life


    Mary Kangas

    Mary Kangas is the mother of two children, Dennis and Sara, and has a great husband named Dennis who works very hard taking care of his family. Mary is a stay-at-home mom who likes to write poems and writes a lot about autism. She says it helps to unfold it all in her words.