New Version of Our Magazine for iPhone and iPad and important information for subscribers

You will be really happy to know, we have released a new version of our Autism Parenting Magazine application for iOS and iPhone, this fixes some old bugs and brings new features:

  • We have fixed the bug that stops users accessing some of their purchase after upgrading to iOS 7. Instructions below.
  • We have included a Text Version of the Magazine – optimized for readability on iPhone. Instructions below.
  • Version 5 features faster performance and enhanced images
  • Landscape mode – Turn your iPad to landscape and you’ll have a new two page double spread view.

Some of you had contacted us recently about difficulty gaining access to your purchases in our IOS (iPad and iPhone) versions. Unfortunately this seemed to occur after the upgrade to IOS7 due to a change in the way Apple handles subscriptions. We have now managed to fix the problem and a new version of the magazine is available. To gain access to your purchases all you need to do is:

  • Go to the app store on your iphone or ipad
  • Press on updates
  • Find the Autism Parenting Magazine App and press update ( this may not appear if you have already updated in the last week)
  • Go to Newsstand App
  • Open Autism Parenting Magazine
  • Press the subscribe button
  • Press the restore all purchases button
  • Your purchases should now be available but if you are still having problems, please contact us

Not everyone was effected and it appears to mostly have effected people who have not had push notifications turned on. If you have not enabled these we strongly recommend you do so by following the instructions at

The first feature we are excited about is the Text Version Feature of the magazine. We know many of you are reading the magazine on your iPhone and the text isn’t the most readable when you are in full magazine mode. Because of this we have introduced a special text only version which is optimized for iPhone ( and also viewable on iPad). The text version of the magazine is easier to read on iPhone and defaults to this version when you view on iPhone. However you can easily change this back if you prefer.

The text version looks like this



If you would like to change this back to the full version, just hold down the home version and you will be presented with this screen. You can easily switch back to the full mag version, share on social media, change text size, print or scroll down to different pages.




If you have the iPad version or iPhone version and you prefer to view in text mode, again just hold down the home key and you will see this screen. Pressing the ‘T’ symbol takes you to text mode.




We hope you enjoy the new changes. The iPad and iPhone versions of our magazine are by the best, so if you are not yet using this version, we recommend you check it out

If you have any questions whatsoever, we are always happy to help. Please contact us on our contact form .




All the best

Mark and Leslie


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