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The story starts with a young boy.

He thought he was the same as me and you, except he was a little different than everybody else.

He had autism, and didn’t know until his parents told him before he moved to middle school.

He still had no concept of how it made him different, until he paid attention to certain students.

Students who had autism too, except they took longer to learn skills he had already achieved.

Some muttered to themselves, and others never made eye contact.

He thought back to himself in kindergarten, when he used to act the same way.

It was then he realized the difference between how he acted and how other people acted.

When he thought about the differences, he didn’t mind one bit. If anything, he embraced it.

As a kid, he wanted those special qualities no one else had: being able to fly, read people’s

minds, climb walls like the heroes who inspired him.

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In school, he never cared how people thought of him or how he acted, which became a problem.

He danced in the halls, didn’t talk to others, and ignored the teacher´s instructions.

His parents once again had to sit him down and explain.

They´re proud of him and want him to be happy, but he has to be aware of those around him.

Not everyone is nice, and can make fun about those who appear and act different.

He realized he should be proud of who he was, and never let it be the end of him.

It was then the boy began his journey towards adulthood with his head up, and eyes wide open.

This article was featured in Issue 92 – Developing Social Skills for Life

Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart

Luke Stewart is from Erie, PA and is a senior at McDowell High School where he is a cadet in the JROTC program. His plans after high school are to attend Edinboro University and major in writing. Luke is 18 years old and was diagnosed with autism at age four. Luke understands the struggles children encounter with an autism diagnosis, but he is going to try and pursue his dreams. Luke aspires to be a comic book writer.