Charis Hills Camp Provides Summer Fun for Kids with Learning Differences

Autism Parenting Magazine is thrilled to provide an exclusive video interview this month by Debi Taylor with Colleen Southard of Charis Hills, a unique Summer Camp near the Dallas/Fort Worth area for kids with learning differences and social difficulties such as ADD, ADHD, High-Functioning Autism, Asperger’s disorder, and other special needs.

Charis Hills is dedicated to the development of kids who have average to above average intelligence, but who have an inability to process information in traditional ways.  Campers receive academic reinforcement each day while participating in a traditional summer camping program, helping them gain success and confidence in new experiences, new skills, more independence, and new friendships.


Watch the interview as Colleen talks about the program’s exciting activities, positive results and myriad successes of campers, who literally come to Charis Hills from around the world.

This article was featured in Issue 27 – Embracing a New Year

Debi Taylor

Debi Taylor

Debi Taylor comes from a long line of emergency responders. Her experience as a full time AEMT responding to 911 calls in an extremely high call volume county, single parent of two autistic teens. As both an emergency responder and an autism parent, she provides a unique perspective and real tools responders can implement in the field. For more information visit the website.