Words of Wisdom: Celebrating Lights Of Goodness

Inspirational words to bring understanding and compassion for people with special needs.

“If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music he hears, however near or far away.” — Henry David Thoreau

Words of Wisdom: Celebrating Lights Of Goodness https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/celebrating-lights-of-goodness/

Special needs Cherished Ones, either young or old, are given to us to love, teach, and respect unconditionally. These Cherished Ones are lights of goodness. We must break down the fences of misconception, for it is in the lack of understanding that untruths form and barriers flourish. Become an advocate and friend to those that “hear a different drummer” and your own perception of life’s values will be forever changed.

Become a teacher to those in need. Celebrate their differences, and you will find that you might become the student, and our Cherished Ones, the teachers.

Sometimes what appears to be veiled thinking by Cherished Ones is, in fact, a rainbow of thoughts and ideas just waiting for the curtain to be pulled open.

The struggles of the every day are mountains to Cherished Ones…it is up to us to help them climb.

Sometimes a cherished one has a sensitivity to loud noises or bright lights. Others might have a sensitivity to touch. Understand, accept, be positive…

Baby steps of progress can be in fact giant steps for Cherished Ones. Imagine a foggy day where you have no direction. You have the ability to become the sunshine that peeks through and shines for a cherished one.

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Courage wears different faces and has different ways of thinking. It is with courage that with Cherished Ones are heroes.

See Cherished Ones just as they are, lights of goodness.

Resilience in Cherished Ones is the glue that holds them together. They are heroic in their never-ending attempt to do everyday things that we take for granted.

Look past the fragile or fragmented mind or body of a cherished one. Look at their spirit which soars beyond boundaries.

Become a map on life’s journey to a cherished one who might encounter many roadblocks.

Look and listen for verbal and nonverbal cues from Cherished Ones. Learn to help on their terms if needed.

Some Cherished Ones learn from books, some from pictures or music. Learning takes many forms and dimensions.  Adapt to their methods, and you might become the student, and Cherished Ones, the teachers.

The everyday skills which we take for granted are miracles in motion for Cherished Ones.

Cherished one’s tenacity to try, no matter the outcome makes them True heroes. Banish the barriers…inspire confidence…give purpose to the lonely nurture the restless…be a voice for the voiceless…listen and learn.

Be an advocate, a friend, and you too will be a light of goodness for our Cherished Ones.

This article was featured in Issue 81 – Building Self-Esteem in Kids with Autism


    Nancy Lee Duracka

    Nancy Duracka lives in a suburb of Chicago. She is married with three grown children and seven grandchildren. Nancy is retired with a degree in health arts and now volunteers at a special needs facility in the Chicago area. Nancy is also the grandmother of a developmentally delayed granddaughter. At present, she is one of the leaders of a group who bring developmentally delayed adults together for a club to promote fun and friendship. Nancy also is a published author. Her children's poetry has been published in various children's magazines.