Autism Parenting Magazine provides information on a number of subjects to help parents and educators. You can see a list of our subject categories below

Autism Activities for Kids

Therapeutic activities, playground, travel, summer camps, art projects, puzzles, board games, indoor/outdoor games

Applied Behavior Analysis(ABA)

Changing behavior using positive reinforcement; applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a teaching method used to help children with autism learn to their full potential.

High Functioning Autism and Asperger’s

High Functioning Autism (HFA), Asperger’s syndrome, the symptoms, Girls with Asperger’s, how to best manage the diagnosis.

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Autism Advocacy

Articles that focus on standing up for people with autism; includes individuals, groups, non-profits, fundraisers, etc. who actively fight for and support spreading awareness and creating an understanding. Includes legal fights supporting people on the spectrum.

Autism Diet and Nutrition

Ways to make healthy food choices and develop healthy recipes. How to overcome picky eating and eating disorders. We also discuss vitamins, minerals, supplementsomega oils  and probiotics to ensure your child has optimum health.

Autism Diagnosis

Top support to help families navigate the many stages of an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis from early screening and detection to ways to manage a new diagnosis. Learn to spot the signs of autism in children, when to seek out professional advice and what happens following a diagnosis to include supportive personal accounts of the autism journey.

Autism Books

Recently published autism-related books. These may be listed as What’s New on the Bookshelf or they may be a book excerpt (sample of the verbatim text).

Autism Exercise and Fitness

Guidance on the best ways to use exercise to get fit to develop a healthy lifestyle. To include special needs exercise programs, fitness activities, and routines to encourage movement to improve health and combat obesity.

Autism Health and Medical Info

Health concerns and solutions such as dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, mental illness, allergies.

Autism News

The latest autism research, news and events. These up-to-date articles can include medical news and innovative programs surrounding autism.

Autism Poetry

Poems written about autism by people on the autism spectrum or by people who care for someone with autism.

Autism Products and Services

Editorial ads under the ASD Marketplace to include apps, toys, safety products, fidgets, programs, learning tools, etc.

Autism Quotes

Quotes from well-known people or our readers that reflect the autism journey.

Autism Safety

Keeping people with autism safe, wandering/eloping advice, water safety, school safety, ways to handle emergency situations.

Autism Solutions

Articles for parents and/carers that focus on ways to help make positive change; can include advice on finding answers to issues that affect people with autism, such as ways to master skills, ways to cope and handle certain situations.

Autism Technology

Assistive technology, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) to help encourage independence, expand communication, and expand social interactions. Includes APPs, smartphones, tablets, video modeling.

Autism Tools and Supports

Developmental and educational tools to help build skills. To include autism APPS, educational toys, visual supports.

Autism Therapies and Treatments

Auditory training, discrete trial training, vitamin therapy, facilitated communication, music therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and sensory integration, Supplements, CBD oil medical marijuana, chiropractic care, yoga.

Autism Behavioral Solutions

Headbanging, self-harming behaviors and meltdowns.

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Managing Autism Meltdowns, Tantrums and Aggression


Articles that focus on children who feel threatened by other people through the use of threat, force, abuse, intimidation, aggression. Includes teasing, biting and belittling.

Communication Skills

Speech delays, holding conversations, understanding statements/questions/needs as well as connecting with other people. Sometimes includes taking language too literally and missing sarcasm. Includes a parent/carer communicating with a teacher, school, therapist on behalf of someone with autism.

COVID-19 Coronavirus and Autism

Top support for parents of autistic children during the COVID-19 pandemic, including social stories and visual schedules. Discover expert tips and coping strategies for autism families throughout quarantine. Learn the best ways to deal with heightened anxieties, the benefits of teletherapy for mental health, how to foster communication with an ASD child, plus sought-after educational advice.

Education and Classroom

Focus on learning, teaching, classrooms, homeschooling, IEPs.


Articles that focus on preparing people with autism for jobs as well as work opportunities available to people on the spectrum such as internships.

Financial Planning

Financial challenges related to people with autism to include government programs (Supplemental Security Income SSI), savings accounts, wills, financial planning for therapies and potentially a lifetime of care.

Magazine Issues

A list of our magazine publications

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Autism Parenting Advice

Tips for parenting on how to make life a little easier, balance family-life, forming relationships.

Personal Narrative

Real-life stories written by people affected by autism (mom, dad, grandparent, sibling) or someone who is on the spectrum sharing personal accounts, happy moments, fears, etc.

Potty Training

Teaching kids with autism to use the toilet and best practices for bathroom and toileting concerns.

Resources for autism

Resources that are helpful for parents with autistic children.

Sensory Solutions

Solutions for sensory-type issues and reactions to input such as light, sound, touch, smell, sight, and balance. Includes guidance for sensory issues with clothing and bathing as well as ideas for sensory friendly rooms and sensory friendly classrooms.

Severe Autism

Children and adults with autism who experience the most severe symptoms or have been diagnosed with L3 ASD. Often unable to live independently and require support from a guardian throughout their lives. While sometimes controversial, the term low functioning autism is also used.

Sleep Solutions

Ways to get a child with autism to bed to include ways to prepare for bedtimes and routines to help everyone get a good night’s sleep.

Social Skills

Basic social interaction, guidance on ways to help people connect with other people and form friendships. Includes social cues, reactions, nonverbal cues, feelings, body language, and facial expressions.

Transitioning to Adulthood

Strategies and support to help teens and young adults as well as their families during key stages in life such as puberty, transitioning after high school, training, community living, independent living, housing, etc.

Visual Supports

Visual supports that enhance the communication process such as photographs, drawings, lists, PECS, Feelings and Emotion Charts, visual schedules.

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