Brave Knights Kit Gives Kids the Confidence They Need to Sleep Well

Product: The Brave Knights Kit

Brave Knights Kit Gives Kids the Confidence They Need to Sleep WellIs your child suffering from sleep anxiety or separation anxiety? The Brave Knights Kit has been proven to give kids the confidence they need to disrupt the cycle of anxiety.

It gives them peace of mind so they can get the sleep they deserve. The kit has been especially helpful for children with autism.

Cost: $42.99

Sir William’s Brave Knights Kit includes Sir William the Bear (12 inches tall), Magical Order of Brave Knights Storybook (hardcover, 32 pages, professionally illustrated) and our Projecting Flashlight (with eight images).

How Can Sir William and the Brave Knights Help Your Child With Autism and Separation Anxiety?

Children with ASD thrive with a consistent schedule and a level of sameness to their lives. New situations can be overwhelming, but introducing something that is a consistent and calming presence in their life is helpful.

Having a companion like Sir William is helpful for children with ASD. His presence can help calm them down, especially when things start to feel too overwhelming for them. The consistent bedtime routine that you can establish by reading the storybook and using the projecting flashlight will help your child wind down before bedtime. Having Sir William by their side can help them while their experiencing separation anxiety at school, daycare, playdates and doctor visits.

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This product has been life-changing for parents with special needs children.

A customer left this testimonial after using the Brave Knights Kit:

“Sir William and his special flashlight helped my five-year-old son with Autism feel better about being in his room alone. He loved the book and shining the flashlight around to scare all the monsters away. He even introduced Sir William to his other stuffed animals telling them Sir William is here to protect us. The bear and the book are very high quality. Sir William is definitely helping him to get to sleep. Thank you so much.”  -Stephanie

If your child has autism and separation anxiety, Sir William can help! Buy the Brave Knights Kit and give you and your child the sleep you deserve.

Links: The Brave Knights Kit is available online from the Magical Order of Brave Knights website.

This article was featured in Issue 103 – Supporting Emotional Needs