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Be Aware: Brain Work Under Progress!

December 9, 2020

Survival of the fittest! – Charles Darwin.

Brain Work Under Progress

It’s the rule of nature applying from animal population to human beings, but since civilization, the human society has been transforming and evolving into a much more challenging environment from day to day.

Everyone here is trying to fit into this ever-challenging world. However, there are some people who do not have this fitness choice. Yes, these are the people who are unique, special, and different all in their own way; those who are also trying their best to fit in this society. As their wiring in the brain and their mannerisms don’t fit into the cultural norms of this society, it may be much more difficult for them to feel like they fit into this world.

The people who are born with this difference of brain functionality are termed to be on a spectrum to which they have problems connecting, communicating, and interacting with other people. They face challenges connecting to others. They may face different sensory issues as well—difficulties with organizing and responding to information that comes in through the senses which impacts their learning and everyday life. In order to cope with the challenging situations, they develop some coping mechanisms to calm themselves. As a result of which we see some repetitive behaviors, fixed routines/patterns, obsessions etc.

Outsiders name them “special”, “differently abled”, “unique” among others, but that doesn’t mean that-they aren’t the most hardworking people in this world as they work on rewiring themselves to fit in. Parents make them go through different intervention’s once they know they are different. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, social skills therapy, ABA therapy, play therapy and what not! All these efforts just to help them feel like they belong.

When the poor kids struggle with so much of therapy right from their childhood to fit into this ever-growing world, it’s the responsibility of all the rest of us as well to show some efforts by accepting them for who they are. They are taking multiple steps ahead of us to cope with this world even though it was not their choice that they were born differently! Isn’t it our job to be accountable and go a few steps ahead to hold their hands to include them in all the opportunities this wonderful world has to offer?

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Every time you see a person who seems different, admire and appreciate by just knowing that:

  • He/she is trying their level best to be a part of you.
  • He/she is in need of your patience, tolerance and empathy.
  • He/she is seeking your gesture of assurance.
  • He/she needs another chance to cope up with you.
  • Moreover, just be aware…
  • “Brain work is in progress”—An extra effort to be a part of us.

This article was featured in Issue 99 – Navigating Relationships With Autism

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