New Book Offers Powerful New Way of Thinking About Autism and Education

“A dedicated teacher looks back on a long career working with students with autism…. There is also a great emphasis on developing a child’s strengths and not becoming locked into labels.”
—Temple Grandin, author of The Autistic Brain and Thinking in Pictures

“An exceptional book about exceptional minds by an exceptional teacher…If I were to recommend one book on strength-based education, this would be the book.”
—Darold A. Treffert, MD, The Treffert center for Exceptional Minds

New Book Offers Powerful New Way of Thinking About Autism and EducationIn this extraordinary collection of stories and insights, educator Corinne Levitt demonstrates the transformative power of a strength-based approach to teaching students on the autism spectrum.

Levitt brings together research and best practices from special education and autism research and showcases the voices and experiences of her own students and their families.

She introduces students like Tally, whose obsession with pulling at threads was redirected when she learned how to knit, discovering both a hidden talent and an opportunity to sell her handiwork.

Another student, Eric, developed his skill for poetry and was thrilled when his poem was published in a prestigious public library magazine (also a talented visual artist, his painting appears on the book’s front cover).

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Parents, caregivers, and educators alike will find Exceptional Minds Across the Autism Spectrum to be an invaluable resource in supporting students through the school years and beyond.

Levitt provides a powerful new way of thinking about autism and education and demonstrates how to see past student deficits and labels to recognize the innate potential of all students to learn and thrive.

This article was featured in Issue 106 –Maintaining a Healthy Balance With ASD


Corinne Levitt

Corinne Levitt is a Toronto-based educator who has dedicated her career to working primarily with adolescents with special needs and developmental differences. She wrote this book in recognition of the need to promote the important role an enriched educational experience can have on the lives of students who stand to benefit the most from best educational practices. All net proceeds from book sales will be donated to various autism charities. For more information:

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