New Book Will Resonate with Special Needs Families

Lookin Out For Leroy
By Janey H. Bailey

Lookin Out For Leroy is an uplifting story about 11-year-old Leroy, who is autistic. He struggles with many basic life skills, but musically he is a prodigy. Narrated by his 14-year-old carer and sister, Tia, the siblings are recruited into a Caribbean band and are taken on a whirlwind musical journey that will inevitably change their lives. Life is never easy or predictable in Lookin out for Leroy, but there are many wonderful moments, too.

New Book Will Resonate with Special Needs Families

Written by former doctor Janey Bailey, this empathetic book explores many of the issues faced by autistic children and those who care for them, but it is ultimately a positive book exploring strong sibling and family bonds and a passion for all things musical. It has received all five star reviews to date on Amazon, and is available as an eBook or paperback on the following link:

This article was featured in Issue 67 – Preparing for Adulthood With Autism

Janey Bailey

Janey Bailey is donating 10 percent of all profits made from the book to Gloucestershire Young Carers, a charity close to her heart.