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Beautiful New Book Lends Support to Autism Siblings

November 1, 2021

Beautiful New Book Lends Support to Autism Siblings What About Me? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/book-lends-support-to-autism-siblingsHaving a sibling on the spectrum brings great joy. It also brings a flurry of emotions, challenges, and questions. Written by a seven-year-old boy, What About Me? works through the day-to-day struggles and joys of being an autism sibling.  Autism siblings can often feel left out or overlooked as their parents try to balance the needs of their autistic and neurotypical children. The author and his mother shaped his sibling experiences and memories into a beautifully illustrated relatable story about the ups and downs of being an autism sibling.  What About Me? is a must-read for autism families that work every day through the realities of living in an autism household but always try to see the beauty in being an autism family.  This book discusses everything from having to tag along for multiple appointments to accepting that a brother or sister with autism may sometimes have different rules.  The book has a positive message of acceptance and support but is also very honest about the hard stuff.  What About Me? is available on Amazon and perfect for autism siblings that need to hear that they are special and loved too.

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