Book Feature: Autism & Travel: Strategies for Kids to Enjoy an Awesome Experience

Book Feature

Autism & Travel: Strategies for Kids to Enjoy an Awesome Experience!Autism and Travel Book

Have you avoided travel with your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) because you were concerned that the demands of travel would be too much for him or you? If so, you are not alone. Travel can be scary and overwhelming for parents and children alike. Many children with ASD struggle with transitions, changes in their daily routine, visiting novel places, meeting new people, and interacting in social situations. As educators of children with ASD we have found that planning and preparation are essential to prepare a child with ASD.

Autism & Travel is a step-by-step guide that helps you plan and prepare for travel. We provide you with the tools, skills, and supports necessary to make travel not only possible, but a rewarding and enriching experience. We have drawn and adapted from Chapter 3 of our first book, Starbrite Traveler: A Travel Resource for Parents of Children with Special Needs, the strategies and interactive activities needed to meet the unique needs of children with ASD. By following our clear and concise steps, you will learn how to apply strategies that have proven to be effective with children with special needs.

First we identify travel concerns parents have shared with us. Next we address those concerns by applying strategies that have an evidence-base to change behavior and/or teach children new skills. To reinforce skills, we follow up with activities to practice with your child before and during vacation. Additionally, we address the important aspect of safety, and include interactive illustrated scenarios and activities to teach and reinforce safety with your child.

In the final chapter, we look at autism friendly attractions, hotels, and ski resorts throughout the United States that offer unique programs with special provisions to meet the needs of children with ASD.