Autistic Teen Designer Hannah Leigh

Autistic Teen Designer Hannah Leigh

by Amy Greenberg

Hannah Leigh is a teenage girl with Autism that loves fashion. For many years Hannah would go to the New Jersey shore and be in awe of the heat transfer machines used to create t-shirts.

Autistic Designer Hannah Leigh

Using her creative talents she partnered with Spectrum Designs a business in Port Washington, NY that employs autistic teens and adults.  Soon the A-Z series of shirts was created by Hannah, charactering her zany curly hair coupled along with her love of the alphabet. There are many designs including D is for Diva, O is for OMG and L is for LOL.

Autistic Teen designer Hannah Leigh
Each Spectrum Designs product is produced by Hannah and other individuals with Autism and related conditions. Employees are engaged in all phases of production and learning a trade.
Hannah has used the crowdfunding website to raise funds for materials to produce her shirts, as well as, to pay for marketing, for job coaches and to pay the individuals with Autism a small stipend to produce them. Through GoFundMe, she hopes to reach her goal of $5000 so that she can increase production for the fall’s latest new styles and continue to help employ individuals with Autism.

Autistic Teen designer Hannah Leigh
Hannah’s creations are sold on the website and in local retail stores. Her story has been written up in several local newspapers and has been endorsed by celebrities including Melissa Gorba of Housewives of NJ and Denise Richards who support Hannah and others with Autism.

Autistic Teen designer Hannah Leigh

Check out Hannah’s awesome T-shirt creations and more great products at Also, please help support Hannah and employ autistic adults by donating at

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kath - June 18, 2014 Reply

Well Done Hannah! and keep up the great work Spectrum Designs! Absolutely fabulous.

Ama - August 6, 2014 Reply

God is wonderful. More grease to your elbow, Hannah.

Mary Cruz - August 24, 2014 Reply

Thank you Hannah, for giving me, a parent of a child with autism, the continued faith that my son Pedro can achieve anything he wants to. Guam does not have any autism programs to date, I would love to have someone get hold of me via email… if you have any information to help me get a program started for our children in need.

Viviene Morrison-Ivey - November 4, 2015 Reply

What an awesome story. Thanks for sharing. It goes to show that there is hope for children with Autism. You are all so bright and talented…we just need to try to understand more about our children, then we would be more patient and kind.
Keep up the good work Hannah!! This will certainly take you places. Best wishes.

Deedee - April 18, 2016 Reply

Can someone help me my daughter was kicked out of her school district simply because she is large and they cannot handle her her teacher even admitted she is enexlerieced what can I do to help my daughter

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