Autistic Boy

Autistic Boy Autistic boy
Can’t calm down.
He is upset
And moving all around.
You can see his emotions
All over his face
His words are inside
But travel no place.
He gets tears on his cheeks
Oh how he cries,
As he tries to work through
His daily life.
I pray for him
Each and every day
I ask God to help
My son find his way.
Autism is rough
And that is a fact
It takes a lot from my son
Well I’m gonna fight
To get what it takes back.

Mary’s beautiful and smart son Dennis has autism and works incredibly hard on things. She said they are very proud of him. Their daughter, whom they are also proud of, is an honor student and helpful young lady. Mary said they feel very blessed.

This article was featured in Issue 80 – Conquering Challenges With ASD


    Mary Kangas

    Mary Kangas is the mother of two children, Dennis and Sara, and has a great husband named Dennis who works very hard taking care of his family. Mary is a stay-at-home mom who likes to write poems and writes a lot about autism. She says it helps to unfold it all in her words.

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