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Articles for parents and/carers that focus on ways to help make positive change; can include advice on finding answers to issues that affect people with autism, such as ways to master skills, ways to cope and handle certain situations.

How to get an official diagnosis

Why get an official diagnosis by Leslie Burby There are many benefits to getting an official diagnosis, which many people don’t realize. With adults, an official diagnosis is essential if you intend to claim benefits. Supplemental social security income or disability insurance both require an official diagnosis. Here are some tips for people in the UK on […]

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Q&A Section – How do I make activity schedules on iPads?

This is the question of the month as featured in Issue Number 11 Q&A: Activity Schedules Question: Should I do paper schedules or iPad activity schedules? Answer: Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is an effective way to systematically teach skills to individuals with autism and reduce their problematic behaviors (Jensen & Sinclair, 2002). But ABA methods […]

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Q&A Section – How to prepare yourself to parent when you have autism?

This is the question as featured in Issue Number 3 Question: How do I prepare to parent children when I am autistic? We often receive many questions from people but the most common question must be: How to prepare to have children as an adult with Asperger’s? First and foremost, nothing can fully prepare you […]

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What is Hippotherapy and how can it help children with Autism and ADHD

The reason I decided to interview Beverly Saddler was because I was interested in learning about Hippotherapy as a means of therapeutic services for Autism related therapy. I wanted to learn about the differences between Hippotherapy and equestrian therapy and it all seemed very confusing to me. So, I decided to go the horse’s mouth […]

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Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday: Executive Functioning Tools, Tips, and Techniques for Young Adults with Asperger’s Syndrome

  In the post we give a free mini issue of the magazine away. The article is written by Dr. Michael McManmon, Founder, College Internship Program (CIP) about techniques for young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome. Young adults with Asperger’s Syndrome often feel overwhelmed by their first attempts at independent living.  Attending college, making friends, and learning […]

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