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Articles for parents and/carers that focus on ways to help make positive change; can include advice on finding answers to issues that affect people with autism, such as ways to master skills, ways to cope and handle certain situations.

Top Ideas to Create a Calming Sensory Bedroom Space

Innovative Ways To Create a Peaceful and Calming Bedroom Space

Phones, television, computers, wires galore.Sound effects, flashing lights. Here they come, hit the floor! Sensory Overload Is The Malady Of ModernityThere is no question that the over-stimulation of our senses is out of control and has become a huge cause of stress and anxiety. Some of us can work around it and others can’t possibly […]

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Using Lego and other visual supports to help Autistic children understand emotions

For many children on the autism spectrum, reading facial expressions is a daily struggle.  Is my teacher happy with me or irritated?  Is my sister worried or is she sad? Many children with autism can have a difficult time determining what other people are thinking and feeling, and because of this, struggle to partake in […]

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Tips for Making the Adjustment to Summer


Summer is a time children often look forward to because it means a break from school for a few months.  No strict schedules — no classes — no homework.  But for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a change in daily routine can actually create new stressors.  Children with ASD are often rigid and inflexible […]

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Top 10 Benefits of Organized Recreation Programs for Children with Autism

Organized Autism Recreation Programs Benefits

Organized recreational programs are a wonderful outlet to help children gain several different skills all while having fun.  A child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can gain the kind of skills that are beneficial to his or her everyday life from a specialized program.  Since most children with autism attend a variety of therapy sessions, […]

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Q&A Section- What should I know as a relative of an autistic child?

Question: I am an extended family member of parents of an autistic child. We both live in the same metro area, but sadly we don’t relate. I have made numerous offers to have them visit my home, have had them with us on a couple weekend getaways, as well as traveling to their child’s milestone […]

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Q&A Section – How can I make hair washing less of a struggle?

Question: How can I make hair washing less of a struggle? Answer: Ask your child (if possible) using pictures, videos on You Tube, text etc. what they don’t like about hair washing. Based on my research and speaking with several people on the spectrum this is what I have found: For some it is the […]

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The Effectiveness of Visual Schedules for kids with Autism

The Effectiveness of Visual Schedules for Children with Autism

Everyday tasks can prove to be a challenge with an autistic child because they need constant reminders.  Transitioning from one task to another can cause anxiety or a meltdown to occur.  However, social stories, visual schedules, and reminder strips can help alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with the everyday tasks that so many of […]

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What other organizations and schools are there to support?

Question and Answer Section by Leslie Burby   Someone asked me, “If the Autism Speaks Organization isn’t something you support then what organizations or schools do you support?” My answer is this: Schools and organizations that: treat autistics with the same equality and respect that they would any other person may see people on the […]

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ASD Options for Living Independently

ASD Options for Living Independentlyby Megan KellyToday there are more options than ever before for adults and young adults living independently with autism. Programs and centers have opened in many different places across the United States, giving many people access to their benefits, assistance, and services. The programs focus on helping adults of all ages […]

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