Poetry Corner: Autism Sleeps for No One

Poetry Corner: Autism Sleeps for No One

Autism sleeps for no one,

It lingers into the night.

It is up with the stars

It sleeps only when it likes.


Autism has many moods,

It may jump from one mood to the next

So, as you parent your child

All you can do is your best.

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Autism has many faces.

The faces cry and the faces laugh

Sometimes the faces have no expression

And it’s not always easy to read that.


Autism is a very big puzzle

And with each child it is different you see,

So, all you can do is one day at a time

As the pieces come together for thee.

This article was featured in Issue 101 – Balancing The Autism Journey


Mary Kangas

Mary Kangas is the mother of two children, Dennis and Sara, and has a great husband named Dennis who works very hard taking care of his family. Mary is a stay-at-home mom who likes to write poems and writes a lot about autism to unfold it all in her words. Mary's beautiful and smart son Dennis has autism and works incredibly hard on things. They are very proud of him. Their daughter, of whom they are also proud, is an honors student and a helpful young lady. They feel very blessed.